Hey guys!

You thought I died didn't you?

Well, I didn't…

I just went off and got married and had a baby.

Nothing too dramatic or life changing.

I believe I've decided to finally come back to fictionpress… I have a new idea… But, I'm pretty busy with life, and it's just an idea right now, so updates may be few and far between. I want to re-write my old writing too… I went back and read some of my stuff and it's really… Rough.

So, what was your favorite story (not one shot because those were all pretty decent IMO) that you would like to see re-written?

I don't even know how many of you are still around anymore, if anyone. But I get random emails of people making my stories their favorite… So I'm going to post this at the end of each of my stories and see if I get any replies. You can comment, or you can email me directly at my side email,

Hope to hear from you soon!