Context: Sienna is a teenage prostitute, Riley is the son of a wealthy business man and has emotional attachment issues. This scene occurs during summer break.

Riley's Perspective
First Experience

The memory of those first nights with Sienna still haven't faded; not the way that her lips matched her peaked nipples tone for tone, not the feel of the warm expanse of her long body, nor the roundness to her hips, her thighs, her breasts.

I wasn't the kind of guy for gawking, but the rise and fall of her smooth white skin invited it.

God, it wasn't just the physicality of it all that I enjoyed. From the moans she tried to keep in - but escaped as a tremble on her breath - to her tentative fingers running down the hollow of my spine and the sweet tang of her as she swelled beneath my lips...I needed it all. There was something endearing about the way she always hesitated before bringing her mouth to mine, how she was so careful when touching any part of my body. As though I was a caged animal; breakable. It was this that made me want to prove to her that I needed caging. It was when I could feel her pulse thrumming into my mouth, or when she brushed her fingers through the hair at my temples that I wanted to throw her against the bed and use her.

The problem was that I could - it was totally within my rights to wrench her thighs apart and penetrate her unsuspectingly just to hear the quick intake of breath and to feel her tight muscles clench in shock...except no. I wouldn't do it. Couldn't.

I've tried to pretend that it was because of her humor, her intelligence, her vulnerability and her infrequent sweet smile...but no. It was because I didn't want to break her. I wanted her to come back to me time and time again, and I was afraid that if I fucked her exactly how I wanted to she'd freak out and leave me. I needed to take in every inch of her, and if I had to do it piece by torturous piece then I would.

I remember the first night, how she'd flinched when I'd turned the light on. In the hotel her bitten lip and sunken bloodshot eyes had become apparent - she looked tired and distressed. So I'd turned it back off. It had helped. Only, I had to take her in by the moonlight shining in through the large overhead windows, there wasn't as much to see. She'd merely been a slight shadow against the soft cream sheets, her dark hair spilling out around her face like blood from a head wound. And just like someone hanging on their last breath, her body lifted when I touched her, slowly pressing two fingers inside.

The heat of our naked bodies pooled in dips of skin, her soft body accommodating for the hard angles of mine in ways that Madison's never would. I hadn't been gentle with her - I knew she wouldn't break under the weight of my two hundred odd pound body. Besides, I liked the way I made her sink in and her back kiss the mattress. I nipped at the base of her throat and her fingers locked in my hair, pulling me up to her face. Her mouth tasted of musk, sex and blood. I could feel her soft breasts spread up to her collarbones as I pressed my chest into hers, her nipples bumping against mine.

"Open your eyes,"

Hesitation. Then she acknowledged my only request, her grey eyes catching the light for the first time since I'd touched her.

"Now keep them open."

And she did.