Context: Sienna's been at Riley's school for a while, and is dating his best friend, Jake

Riley's Perspective

"Were you invited?"


"Oh come on, you must have heard…" The voices faded in and out as I walked by, melding back with the chatter of the rest of the school. It was obvious what they were talking about – the party I was holding tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, everyone was.

Confidence boost? Yes, thank you.

The whole school had heard about it, and I would be surprised if the whole school wanted to come – pity that only a few dozen even knew where I lived. I hoped that'd be enough to keep out the freshmen and sophomores, I wasn't the kind of host that wanted to spend his time babysitting and looking after grade school dramas. No, I'd much rather have orgies in the hallways without worrying about breaking too many laws.

It was raining today, but not in a fresh way. The rain brought a heavily weighted humidity that was pressing down on me. I rationalized out that it was probably why everyone was so frantic, buzzing around like retarded bees. The conversation between the two cute junior cheerleaders was only one of many that I'd overheard, and each one was boosting my self-esteem higher and higher. The king was back, I felt like me again.

Even third period with Sienna couldn't pull me down. She looked beautiful, as usual. Her hair was spiraled into glossy curls, her eyes adorned with dark purple makeup, and her cute mouth shiny with a clear gloss. Most girls wouldn't be able to pull the look off, but Sienna's lack of knowledge to the level of her sex appeal was what made her so fucking hot. She held herself like a pianist, most the time, radiating what I'd learned was fake confidence. That did slip though, and sometimes she just looked like any average girl, posture wise, but never in her face or body. For a white girl, she sure had ample ass, the kind that gave for perfect grabbing opportunity.

Jake was talking at me, but I wasn't listening. I didn't even care that Sienna was unattainable, I was too high up, too much the old me. Unattainable didn't exist in the library of my vocabulary, it didn't matter that Jake was tapping her – or so I'd picked up on, through his mostly pointless words – if I decided to turn up the charm I could get a nun to lift her skirt for me, let alone Sienna.

Maia bumped Sienna's pen off the edge of her desk and laughed. I watched as Sienna sat there for a moment and just blankly stared at the other girl, "I'm not picking it up." Maia said with a laugh. It only made Sienna glare more. Oh shit she was cute when she was angry, turns out it didn't matter if it were genuine or not. I'd seen that genuine anger – or a hint of it at least – what felt a long time ago, when I'd been pleasuring her. I hadn't been doing it right for her, and she knew I'd known how…I had just been teasing her with slight touches with my lips and tongue in all the wrong places. A sexually frustrated girl was the epitome of turn ons for me; it went hand and hand with girls who'd admit to touching themselves. If I could frustrate them enough, then that's what they end up doing. And there's nothing hotter than watching a girl get herself off.

With a flick of her hair, Sienna leaned over the front of her desk, her dress pulling up and revealing the full length of her legs, sheathed in see-through tights. She was too bothered to notice the fact that her short dress hoisted up beyond the tops of her legs, and that both Jake and I got a full view of her vivid red panties through the translucent black. Not to mention her softly rounded ass. Smugly, I realised I'd seen those panties before. I'd also seen the matching bra and corset. It was a pity she wasn't wearing the suspenders and fishnet stockings like last time, because that would've been a real eyeful. Sienna really did have the kind of behind that you just wanted to fuck. I could tell from the look on Jakes face that he was thinking exactly the same thing.

Pity he presently had more of a chance at doing that than I did.

A/N: Something I found in a folder of deleted scenes from the original writing of this story. I chose not to edit this. It's an example of my writing four or so years ago, hope you enjoyed :)