The Dead Believed

After what felt like only a few minutes, I awoke. Tiredly, I stood and looked around, searching for Lucensnex. Panic rose in my throat when I couldn't find him.

"Lucen-," I began to call out before a voice in my mind interrupted.

"Silence! I am on the ground, five feet to your left."

"Why are you in sword form?"I asked mentally.

"Because I sense Demons near by and you have probably alerted them now," he responded still talking in my head, for obvious reasons.

Well, that bit of information pulled me out of my sleepy stupor.

"How many?" I asked.

"Five, maybe six." I moved silently toward Lucensnex and grabbed him, feeling his knowledge from years of battle seep into my own consciousness. I held him tightly and listened for the Demons.

Sure enough, I could hear their heavy footsteps echo off the stone walls of the widening tunnel, the sound growing closer.

"They must be incredibly thick if they didn't hear me!," I silently thought. Lucensnex remained quiet.

Then, quite suddenly, I felt a horrible sharp pain in my left arm, almost like I had been stabbed. I whipped my head to the side and saw a rather long knife protruding from it.

That explained why it felt like I had been stabbed.

With the knife still stuck in my arm, I turned around to face my attacker. They person wore a cloak and had several knives in their belt. It was the same person Aurora and I had fended off at Sahyil's house.

Before I truly had time to process the fact that I was being attacked, the cloaked and hooded assailant had stabbed me about five times in the abdomen. No matter how resilient Angels are, we cannot take that kind of abuse. I fell to the ground, blood pouring from my wounds.

The cloaked person kneeled beside me and glared into my eyes with unimaginable hate. The person lifted their hood, but I couldn't make out their face because my vision was fading and my brain was no longer working at fully capacity.

"I guess those Demons were a decoy, huh?" was my last thought before surrendering to the penetrating darkness.

When I came to, I discovered what true pain is. It felt as is every second, every single one of my cells experienced a mini implosion. The pain was so great that I couldn't even see, my vision red. All I could tell was that I was lying in something, perhaps a table. And I couldn't move me arms, legs, or even my head. I could scream, though.

The sound that came from my throat was unlike anything you could imagine. Picture the sound a coyote would make a upon being put into a wood-chipper. Then multiply that by six thousand.

Within a few seconds of being awake, I began to feel my brain shut down from the sheer amount of pain. Well, the amount of blood weeping from my knife wounds probably was a factor too.

Then, just before I passed out again, the pain ceased, leaving only that which comes from stabbed five or so times in the stomach. Still painful, but nothing compared to the pain that I had just felt.

A low, raspy voice spoke from the darkness."Rane,"it said, "you have proved quite hard to capture."The voice spoke in a whisper that seemed to have the intent of being comforting, but had quite the opposite effect.

As the redness ebbed from my eyes, I began to look around (although this was rather hard considering my neck was being held in place by straps), ignoring the voice. I was in a dark room, lit by some dim light that came from the far right of my vision. The ceiling (and therefore, most likely, the walls as well) was made of cement. I also realized that I was lying on a giant smooth slab of rock. I wiggled my hand and felt the leather straps that kept me in a place.

There was a long silence in the room while my captor undoubtedly studied me.

Then, "Rane, don't you wonder who I am?"the voice asked.

"I already know who you are!"was my choked reply. My throat felt torn up and bloody from screaming.

"Well then, speak it."


Yes, it was Lucifer. How did I know, you wonder? Several things gave it away, mainly the fact that God had personally taught every Angel born after the Great Fall, that is, Lucifer's fall from grace, to recognize Lucifer's voice, his scent, the forms he most often took.

Also, as many of you probably know, Lucifer is Latin for "Light Bringer". That is not just a name. He literally carries a light within him that is so bright that it illuminates things around him. That was the light I had noticed.

"Very good,"the Fallen Angel said. There was a long pause in which I attempted to wiggle my arms out of their restraints. Then Lucifer said, "Are you frightened, Rane?"

"No."was my simple answer. It was only partly true.

"And why is that? You very well know that I could quite easily torment you until your mind breaks from the pain and you are left but a shell of your pure, angelic self."

"Because you obviously want me alive for something. Otherwise you wouldn't have made sure your assassin didn't kill me,"I replied.

" are smart, aren't you?"

I ignored him.

"Well, you are quite correct. I do need you alive,"Lucifer said as the door to my prison opened, letting a red-tinted light bath the dark room. Then the door closed and Lucifer's dim light was all that was left.

I managed to twist my head just enough to see who it was that had entered the room. It was the person that had knocked me out before. He or she was holding a box of some sort in their hands.

Lucifer and the mysterious cloaked person conversed in low tones for a few minutes that I couldn't make out, despite the fact that they were only a two or three feet from me.

I gave up on trying to hear what they were saying, and laid there, motionless for a while.

Then, "Rane, can you hear me?" It was Lucensnex.

"Yes. Where are you?" I asked.

"I am in a dark room, bound in some chains that seem to have Angel Magic on them. I can't change shape." He replied, then asked me,"Where are you?"

"I'm in a room with Lucifer and one of his foul servants. What should I do?"

"For now, nothing. Just wait."

"Great," was my (sarcastic) response. After that, my head was silent.

Well, at least from conversations in my head. Thoughts still whizzed around my mind. Thoughts such as, "What is Lucifer going to do? Who is this mysterious person? How am I going to escape?" None of these questions seemed to have an immediately obvious answer.

I started to realize that the conversation between Lucifer and the mysterious person was growing louder. Not because it was growing heated, but because they had stopped whispering as one tends to do after awhile. I tried to listen in, but all I heard was Lucifer say, "Took you long enough to contact your little sword friend, Rane."

"What?"I asked, trying to act innocent, though I knew it wouldn't work.

"I have used my magic to "bug"as humans would say, your thoughts. That includes your telepathic conversations with that annoying sword,"Lucifer rasped, seeming quite pleased with himself. He had a serious case of vanity.

"And why shouldn't I?"he asked smugly. I was confused for momentarily, but then I realized that he could now read my thoughts. So not only did I have a sword reading my mind, I also had the most evil being reading my thoughts. It was getting harder and harder to have a private moment.

Lucifer turned from toward his cloaked servant and said,"Now, give me the soul." The servant kneeled and offered the box up to him. Lucifer carefully took the box and opened it.

From it came a bright light, not as bright as Lucensnex when he transforms, but still bright enough to temporarily blind you if you stared right at it for awhile. Lucifer opened his mouth wide and sucked in. The light formed itself into a long, thick line of light, floated out of the box, and flew off of my field of vision. I assume it went into Lucifer's stomach.

The light that shone from the Lucifer suddenly intensified, lighting the whole room up as if there were several sixty watt bulbs.

"That was quite good. That was an Angels soul, I presume?"asked Lucifer nonchalantly. His servant nodded.

I felt sick to my stomach. Angels are really just souls (which are, in turn, just billions upon billions upon billions of vergandiuses stuck together. Vergandiuses are billions of times smaller than atoms and make up the intangible X dimension. X does not mean any dimension, it is called the X dimension because it has absolutely no volume or mass or temperature. Because vergandiuses exist an a place with no mass or volume or temperature, vergandiuses have none of these properties either. How they or the X dimension was discovered, I am not sure. It is pretty much impossible for me to explain correctly, seeing as I only took one class on it in college and failed it. This also means that souls have no mass, volume, or temperature) that have somehow formed into a clump and materialized into a physical world, giving us our forms. Humans have souls too, but these souls contain atoms, meaning that humans are made of both nothing (vergandiuses) and something (atoms). The vergandiuses give human souls their soul-like qualities while the atoms tie them to the physical world, meaning human's have a soul and a real form. Angels have only a soul and a false form. So, eating an Angel's soul is really eating an Angel. Meaning Lucifer is a cannibal.

"Now you had something that you wanted to tell me after I had eaten?"asked Lucifer to the cloaked person.

He or she whispered a reply.

"Speak up. I can't hear you,"the Light Bringer said tauntingly. Again, he or she whispered something, just barely louder than before.

"Fine, let us go out into the hall and talk," Lucifer said, rather angrily. He stood from and walked to the door, cloaked person trailing behind, flung it open, and stepped out. The door shut, leaving me in pure darkness.

As he had passed, I had tried to catch a glimpse of him, but was unsuccessful due to the light that came from him.

I wriggled around a bit more, but my restraints were too tight, and probably had Angel Magic like Lucensnex's chains, as I could perform no Angel Magic myself.

Sighing, I stopped and rested there on the uncomfortable slab of stone.

That was when I heard the voice of Lucifer as if he were right beside me, although I knew he wasn't.

He was saying, "What was it you wanted?" Realizing that I could somehow hear the conversation outside the door, I waited with bated breath to hear what the cloaked person would say.

"Why is he here? You promised I wouldn't have to see him!"

My stomach twisted and seemed to fill with acid as the other person spoke. I knew that voice. I hadn't heard it in years, though.

It was the voice of Aurora.