A Poem – Hannah Saitta

And herein lies our age of


A loss of soul, forever tolled

Sleepless nights and assonance

Molded together in


Seamless and senseless

Somber alliteration

Reaching out to myths and


Nameless here

A metaphor

Here appears a choice

For me

Life or death,

Meditation in hyperbole

But within the pinstripe


Capone orders a double


Look in the mirror

There my face is

What will be, will remain free

Faith in metabasis

Before I spring

Into this muted song

I must turn up

This oxymoron

Hearing in full

A mortal's harmony

Like a deaf man healed

A miracle's analogy

I sway in rhythm,

Feeling utopia

But seeing a tempest

Discovers aporia

Holding out a hand

To feel, to strum

The life of the land

Divine exemplum

A flood of fears

Urged on by Poseidon

Gasping breathes

And hyperbatons

Remembering now

We sing hallelujah

For we beat the onset

Of thrashing metanoia

We cover up how

Life became one's own marathon

Pushing and clawing

For that shining gold anacoluthon

But the Midas touch

Leaves nothing but chasms

With our own eyes

We saw obsessive pleonasms

In the wreckage was hidden

Old skeleton keys

(our jagged hopes covered)

Lost in parenthesis

But we found our true selves,

Fixed our calamity

And we found peace

Like the dove found a simile

Forgiveness, however

Can be made folly

When the children of earth

Think truth metonymy

When shattering glass

Tatters all hymns

When King Arthur men

Forget their eponyms

There, in that calm

I often forget

The words to my song

My immovable epithet

So herein lies our age of


A loss of words, a voice once heard

An end to our epistrophe