Learn To Deal

I was up last night until midnight crying my eyes out

And it was because of you

I love you with all my heart

And I know you can never feel the same towards me

But I thought I was over you

Everything was going so well

I thought I was content with just being friends

Then those feelings,

Those feelings of love and admiration,

They shoved their way to the front of my mind

Impossible to ignore

All it takes is one look at you,

At your bright blue eyes,

And your hand that can't go in mine,

And my heart starts to crumble

I thought I was over you

I thought I was getting better

But I knew I wasn't over you

I knew that nothing was better

The truth was everywhere

It was in the back of my mind

Hidden beneath the leaves of my forest green eyes

And lost in the depths of your crystal blue pools

The truth was right there

Rightin front of me

And I couldn't ignore it forever

So I'm not over you

I can never really be over you

After all,

You were, are, my first love

The first person I would die for

The one person I'd give up everything for

So I guess I'm not over you

I guess the water works will open up every once and a while

I guess my heart will crack a little every time I see you

I guess I'll just have to learn to deal

'Cause I'm not losing what little bit of friendship I've got from you