A week passed. It was pretty fast, actually. Faster than I thought it would be. On Monday, the next week, the activities director, Mrs. Pay, exclaimed, "In six weeks, we are having a talent show. We will be having try-outs in a month, so if you want to join, you better hurry up and meet Mr. Howey and Mrs. Clarks in the events center. They will be the judges and you will find out two weeks after. The group talents will be performing first and then the single talents will be performing second. It explains everything on the form if you want more information..."

Talent Show? Wow, maybe if I tried it, I would be popular and make more friends. If I made it in of course. What will I do? What will I wear? So many thoughts were going through my head at the minute. I didn't know what to do. So confusing! I thought again. Maybe a guy will see what I did and he will like me. A cute guy. A popular guy. Oh, yeah! OMG! That will be awesome if that happened! I kept thinking of all the good possibilities that were running through one at a time. I was so excited. I might actually fit in now! This might be my big chance! I excluded all the bad thoughts out of my head for that wonderful moment. That was the first good moment that I had all week!

I walked happily into my second period. Everyone, again, stared at me like I was now the weirdest person on Earth. They were probably thinking that I was so weird that I could be in "The Guinness World Records" book. I didn't care, I was too happy. I walked in. It felt really warm in that class. It always was. Most of the kids would say, "Mrs. Stephanie, it stinks in here," or "It's too hot! Turn the heat down, and put some Febreez in here!" She would reply, "That's alright. Just sit down. And it does not smell in here! I know that it's a little too warm in here, but I like it. So deal with it!" She would always laugh about it and make a joke to start the day off great. I already felt good so I didn't need a boost.

I finished Social Studies and walked on over to Science. It was recess. I liked to hang out in the class room during recess because no one was in there. I didn't want to hang out with any one. I just tried to think of my talents. I know that there was plenty that I hadn't even discovered yet. This was the hard part for me because I hadn't known half of my abilities that I had in me. I just thought and thought. Maybe I could get my brother to do something with me. I looked at the sheet that the teacher passed to us. I signed the part that I was supposed to sign and left the part where it said: "Your Talent Is..." and I couldn't finish it. I looked at the next line to the one where I signed at it said: "Your Parent Signature". I'm not sure if my mom will even let me join the Talent Show because she thinks that it will cost money, but it doesn't. She will not believe me at all!

The bell rang and I sat in my chair. It took forever for all the kids to sit in there seats, but the teahcer didn't walk in becuase she had a P.E. class before Science. It took her five to ten minutes to get to the class. Everyone was jumping on the tables and chairs, and drawing all over the white board. When she would walk in, everyone seemed like perfect angels. I just sat there, looking at them strangely. No one seemed to care what she thought, as long as she would not find out. This was an interesting class.

I went on my way to fourth period, which was P.E. I did not enjoy that class. That was the class that I felt like I was stupid. And every one there appeared to agree. I hated that class. I would run the lap, but end up being first. All the fast people looked at me. I could tell that they hated me. They were huffing and puffing while I was just breathing hard. It was weird. I would always be in first. I was always good at everything that the teacher had for us. Everyone seemed to stink at it. They hated me for that too. Who else could hate me? They were all meanies! That's a nice word for all the bad names that I had in my head at the time. That was the worst time. But it didn't let me feel bad. I was still happy. I was daydreaming of what I was going to do up on stage. I knew I had to be in single groups. That was good and easy. No one liked me.

Next, was lunch. I sat all alone, again. I just ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Sunny D, tangerine, and Hot Cheetos. The usual, is what I call it. Everyone else had alien food. The bell rang, and I walked still daydreaming of what I was going to do. It was awesome! I had already gotten ideas. They were: Singing, dancing, play, skit, and magic trick. I pictured everything, me up on stage doing one of them. They were like a movie skit playing over and over in my mind. It was great! I opened the cold silver door handle and saw everyone sitting at their seats. I hadn't realized that the bell rang five minutes ago. I was late! I ran to my desk and the teacher said, "Don't be late again or you get a detention!" Every one wants to give me a detention at this dumb school!

I ran over to math on the other side of the school. I didn't want to be late or I would get a detention. I had pulled out my math book and notebook. I went up to sharpen my pencil and sat down in the back at my desk. I sat all alone. I started doing the warm up problem. I was finished before the first bell rang for everyone to be sitting in their seats. I had already learned integers at Navidia. It was easy for me. I sat at my desk and my teacher looked at me and said, "Do the warm-up please."

"I already did it." I replied in a calm and happy voice.

"Oh, really," She picked up my paper and blushed. "Oh, okay Then. Stay seated and don't get up. Thank you. And that is correct. Did you already learn this stuff?"

I had to lie because I didn't want to be kicked out of the class. I didn't want to be in Pre-Algebra. It was too hard so I just said, "No, I guess I just understand it. Or it comes naturally to me."

She walked away. The clock stared at me. Taunting me. I wanted the day to be over so I could practice my talent! The bell rang at 2:51, as usually. I remembered to put up my chair. The teacher was about to yell at me, but she saw that I had done what I needed to do. I had tricked her!

I was walking home again. I put up my hood to avoid any embarrassment from any one yelling at me today. Today was a really good day! No one yelled at me during the time I was walking. I got home and started on my homework and kept on dreaming.