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Prologue-Meeting the Gang

"I know you are a bit upset about Troy" Casey said sympathetically pushing back her straw-coloured hair, I rolled my eyes in amusement as she continued to twitter on about feelings and moving on. It was common knowledge that I was upset about Troy. Everyone knew it, my little breakdown in the canteen as he publicly told me we were over and he preferred Jessica Brands, local science nerd and volunteering princess to me. It had been painful, not surprising but painful.

"Get to the point" Chace, my best friend interjected. Chace and I weren't the most conventional best friends; I lost my virginity to him at a party two years ago, we tried it as a couple but it didn't work but we had been best friend since.

"Spring break is coming up, lets all go to Folklore" she suggested.

"Folklore?" Chace asked, he hadn't been part of our group long.

"Folklore it is this HUGE cabin up north that we all used to go when we were freshmen. We would rent the cabin out and cosy out in the fire before some new exciting ridiculous thing caught Troy's eye and we all got in trouble." I said Troy was like a beacon for trouble and drama.

"Why would we want to go there? Last time we went Troy was with us, we are trying avoid Troy that's why we said no St. Bart's this year" JJ answered, JJ was Troy's best friend before he decided that he no longer wanted to be part of our lives.

"Folklore sounds great, the fresh air, the skiing, a couple of drinks, Leighton and I could have hot sex" Payton replied, it took us a little bit of time before we all got what he said.

"Hey" Payton cried out as me started to throw stale croissants at his head. "Rebound sex is exactly what you need" he said while putting a caressing hand on my thigh. The little mischievous twinkle in his pale green eyes glowing ever so brightly than usual, If I wanted rebound sex, I would ask Chace over, he was always up for it as I found out the day after my mutual break-up with Troy.

"What I need is some tequila" I said smiling smacking his hand away "do you know it's very hard to be happy when you heart feels like its breaking?"

Everyone seemed to go silent; in my current mood and situation I seemed to have become an expert in ruining the mood.

"I know a bar that doesn't check I.D" replied Felicia, the final and rudest member of our group. Felicia ran her freshly manicured hair through her luscious brown curls.

"Let's ditch this coffee house and get down then" Casey, the non-drinker of our group announced.

"You dipshit, it's fucking 10.30 in the morning, no matter how sleazy the owner is. He won't be awake now to open it" Felicia replied slurping down her Macchiato.

"You drink coffee, not inhale it" Chace muttered, receiving a glare from Felicia. A hate-hate relationship at it's best.

"It doesn't matter, let's go" Casey said grabbing our stuff from the coat room and shoving them at us, we all looked at the anxious blonde.

"Case, calm down. Let Payton and Fliss finish their drinks" I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

"Looks like Fliss has already finished hers" Chace muttered looking at Felicia's empty cup.

"We need to go now!" Casey all but shouted, not even looking in my direction. I turned my eyes to her direction of her focus to see an overly smug Troy with new friends and girlfriend in tow.

"I…I'm done" Payton said swallowing, the overly hot drink in his cup "Let's go" he mumbled with his obviously burnt tongue hanging out of his mouth like a dog while he rubbed his chest.

"We are not going anywhere, we got here first" I stated, no way was I going to allow that airhead of a jock and his fashion retarded girlfriend to push me out of my own hang.

"Yeah" Felicia and Chace said unison, before glaring at one another.

"..We hang out her all the time" I said, one baritone higher than before

"This place is big enough for the both of us, isn't it?" Casey tried to muttered, but I could hardly here her whimpering voice above the pounding of the blood in my ears.

"They have to go" I announced, putting down my drink and thanking the lord I decided to have my new sun-kissed highlights yesterday instead of next week. As I walked up to them, JJ, Chace and Felicia behind me, I could see how good Troy looked from a distance, he had this glow I had never seen before, he looked happy and content and …..SHE had caused that. Hell no, was she leaving here alive.

"Troy" I said, glad that my suck-it-all underwear support panties seemed to be doing their job. Its hard being a skinny bitch but someone has to do it.

"Hey, Leighton, look we don't want no trouble just a few brownies and coffees to go" he replied, I felt my inside melt into a puddle of mush as he turned those warm brown eyes of his on me. How could I still love the cheating rat?

"Then get them over in Caffe Nero, where you will be welcome. Maybe sit down, have a chat. Choke on your brownie" JJ said, I looked at him thankfully, for those few seconds I had actually forgot how to talk.

"That's half-way across town" protested one of Jessica's friends, who I knew to be Abe Watkins, a popular junior. "This is a public place"

"JJ, we have been best friend since pre-school. Why are you going to throw that away?" Troy asked his little weedy girlfriend stood by him holding the hand I used to hold, the one with my name tattooed on the side of it.

"I didn't do it, it was you when you decided to go all 'I've fallen for my maths tutor' and not tell me" JJ muttered

"Are you saying because I broke up with Leighton, you have all just ditched me?" that's not fair am I not allowed to love someone that isn't Leighton Kwon?"


"Yes, you are" Chace answered back, why is the whole world against me? "However; you do not start a thing and then decided to dump her. It's called cheating"

"How many times do we have to tell you ,we had feelings we didn't act on them until he broke up with Leighton two weeks later" Jessica protested, one could say she was kind of pretty in a demure way…..but only in a demure way.

"As many times as you want, slut!" Felicia snarled, you just have to love a cranky horny head-cheerleader on Tuesdays.

"Don't call her a slut, you…you cheerleading stick insect " shouted a small girl standing next to Jessica

"Who are you?" Felicia replied rudely, approaching the tiny girl with her 5'11 stature "Please move away non-entity. This is a convo between us and ex-king of Richard woods high school"

"Ex-king? I never wanted the position anyway. If you guys knew me at all you would know that" Troy said grabbing their orders and heading to the door.

"I thought you were different guys, maybe not Fliss…I don't know about Chace or Payton" Troy said as he opened the door, I turned around to find a angry looking Payton and Casey who was looking more upset than angry that her dumb twin brother had backstabbed us. Oh my gosh, isn't she so inconsiderate? So what if they were blood related and extra close, he wasn't even living at home right now because of a stupid argument with his stepdad. I used to be his girlfriend, in some countries I would be the gold and her copper in his life.

"But Leighton….JJ, especially Casey, after all that's being going on with Greg and Mum…I don't know, I don't know any of you guys anymore" He replied shaking his head

"We never knew you at all, now if you are finished with your big dramatic exit. You can go" I said, he looked at me sadly and exited the coffee house.

"I know a corner shop that doesn't ask for I.D and is opened" Felicia replied yanking on her coat. We all murmured in suit as we followed her out of the coffee shop a few minute later after our showdown. No talked about it, we all just jumped into Payton's people-carrier.

"Casey, when we get home let's call Mr. Williams I would love to do a bit of shredding this spring break" I said smiling at her, I wrapped my arms and around and gave her a big hug, mostly cause I needed it to hide the fresh hot tears streaming down my face but also cause I could tell she wanted it.

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