I was killed that day, my neck snapped, every bone in my body practically broken.

All that was left behind was my story.

The one you are reading now.

The lessons I hope you learned from my mistakes, from my story.

Never be afraid to love.

Don't ever be silent.

Be who you want to be, and love yourself for it.

And lastly, live your life to the fullest. The minutes are ticking away.

The life I lived was my own. The story I left behind yours to read.

My only regret was that I waited so long.

Waited so long to love. Waited so long to take action. Waited so long to live. I never truly realized how much I had to give, until it was too late.

But Sunday and I have eternity now.

Eternity to be together.

I just hope that will be enough.

So that was my story. And this is the end.

A Note From Me: Thank you so much for reading my story! You all are amazing for sticking by it, and I hope you all liked the ending. It was hard to write, hard to think about, but I thought it was appropriate. Once, again, thank you so much. Love you all!