A Closet Romantic

"Full Summary"

Summary: We hated each other. That was the only thing we agreed on. I was the female president of my school's student council and he was the male president. We were born to be rivals and we have been since basically birth. Our parents were friends so he was practically the first kid I ever met, we were rivals for my brother's attention, rivals at coming first in the school races even though the teachers had made it clear that girls versed against girls and boys against boys, at getting the top mark in the class all throughout primary school, at being the first kid to go out to lunch or coming back in for the lesson and even the smallest things like the first to lose all our teeth!

Now we're in high school and we are still at it, no way was either of us going to stop. Unfortunately for me our parents still think we're a match made in heaven and my friends know, 100% that we're destined for each other. I mean how were they even supposed to know? Anyway it's too much like one of those clichéd stories that you read, "Two enemies destined for each other"... I don't buy it. I mean I hate stuff with romance and clichéd story lines; I really do even though some don't believe me...


[Warning! This story will be terribly clichéd!]

Okay, so now that I've got the warning out, hello to everyone! I'm not a really good author, you see; I don't have much imagination... I'm also terribly slow at updating due to the terrible amount of homework and also largely because of my laziness... ^_^ And I am really not being modest, I'm hoping that if I write more it help improve my ... creativeness!

Hope you continue to read the story, not good with prologues so I don't think I'll add one unless is it compulsory to have a prologue and epilogue?

Thank you from Pand-A Eyes~