April fools special

Note: Sorry for the lack of updates. My inspiration has been a total of Zilch lately and my muses are terribly lazy.

Anyway, this will be a one-shot for a story called "Tale of a Wanderer" which will not be posted for a while. Besides, no one but Naouru and I ever seem to read my other story (The poem not included but I appreciate those few kind people. Bless you) so any random people reading this, I accept anonymous reviews for all my stories. Right, let's get this over with.

Disclaimer: If I mention something like a movie, book, shampoo, etc. I don't own it. The characters, setting, and story are all I own here.

A pair of black eyes wander the setting. Caravans, performers, animals and many other things are all over the place as our main character scratches his head in confusion.

Where in the name of Lucera was his hat?

This boy is Tarin, a story-teller in the Wanderers. Dressed brightly in yellow and purple, he would've stood out quite loudly had the rest of the group not had equally bright costumes.

"Excuse me, have you seen my hat anywhere?" he asked a passing contortionist. The girl did a shrugging action with her feet and proceeded to walk away on her hands. He asked again to a mime before mentally slapping himself when he remembered how serious mimes were about keeping shut.

"SQUAWK! HEY! MORON! LOOK UP!" A shrill voice pierced the air.

"AUDREY, I'M NOT DEAF!" He yelled back at his parrot.

I'm serious. He yelled at a parrot.

The bird flew down and perched on his shoulder before it noticed an off detail.

"Where's your hat? You always have it on."

"Why do you think I've been searching all over the place this morning!? I lost it!" Replied Tarin rather harshly.

"Ok, two things I have to tell you. One, I know you're crazy so there's no need to tell me ("Hey!" The boy said, blushing slightly) and two, I know where your hat is…"

Other side of camp


The screech echoed with a five mile radius and most of the elves and half-animals in the vicinity cringed in pain.

"I swear to Luminas, that boy has a louder voice than his bird." Kara grumbled after she regained her composure. "Too bad he spoiled my joke." She laughed, twirling a purple pointed-hat between her fingers.

There. It's done. I know April Fools Day passed ages ago but my friend wanted me to write something for it.

Sorry about not using the original idea, Naouru.

Anyway, this is the first in a collection of holiday one-shots. I will soon (hopefully) do the others and move the Christmas special here. For now, I hope you like this. See you soon.