Gichi Manidoo, the great spirit, had told us, the Anishinaabe peoples, to move towards the setting sun until we found the food that grows on the water.

It had been a long trek over rivers and woods, yet we , the people of the Ojibwa odoodem Nooke, the people of the totem Bear, we persevered. Lead by the miigis shells, we founded Baawiting, the centre of our political realm.

Some of us grew restless and yearned to find the food on the water, so we split and called ourselves Chippewa. We trekked on, again guided by the miigis shells, to a great lake with edible manoomin, wild rice, growing on it's waters. There we settled and prospered. We brought with us our women and children, and our religious beliefs. After a while, things began to happen.

People disappeared and were found in pieces. Howling was heard in the night. Men would come home late with miskwi, blood, on them. They would not explain this to anyone, and eventually the problem emerged. The Wendigo was among us.

The omanoominiig, the Menomonee people, were the first to correctly identify the cause, yet we did not know the source. We need to find the bemaadizid, the person, who was the first Wendigo. Only by killing her can we return to our normal lives.