Chapter One


{She Comes}

I woke with a start. I flew up from my covers and grabbed my gun, the one with the oak handle that I had traded from a pale face, and pulled back the hammer. The scratching sound stopped as the click of the hammer cocking back reverberated through my small mud hut. A low snarl issued from the doorway, and a flash of lightning revealed a human shape, standing sideways in the door. She, for her breasts were protruding from under her fur, was the Wendigo. I levelled the gun and she roared at me. I pulled the trigger and the bullet flew towards the beast. It missed it's mark, her heart, and slammed into her shoulder. The screech of pain and rage deafened me. I was trying to reload the cartridge when she advanced on me, swinging one massive arm at me, a claw snagging deep into my arm. I cried out in agony as the venom flew through my system.

She chortled and morphed into her human form, an ikwe, woman, of immense beauty, but marred by the markings of a wendigo. Her face was slightly catlike, with her upper lip pulled high in the centre to reveal blood-covered, razor-sharp teeth. Her eyes lit up with a yellow fire as her pupils dilated to adjust. Her skin was deathly pale, and her voice came out as a purr.

"Young inini. You are not a man, yet you own a weapon such as that." Her reference to me as a young man, then saying I was not yet one confused me. I reached behind me for the knife under my pillow. I froze when my hand hit nothing but straw.

"Looking for this, inini?" Again, she had called me a man. She balanced my knife on the tip of her finger, spinning it with her claws from her other hand.

I sprang up while she watched it spin and ran for my bow. I hadn't gotten ten feet when a loud snarl erupted from behind me. Another step and I was on my stomach, then flipped onto my side. I stared up at the Wendigo's glowing eyes. She straddled me and leaned in close.

"Listen closely, miskwi gwiiwizens!" Her tone was harsh, and she called me "blood boy", which isn't good coming from a cannibal such as herself. "I am hungry and I am thirsty. But most of all, I am in heat." I knew what she meant. Not good at all, for when a Wendigo infected a man with the venom from her claw, the only way to complete the change was to have sex with him. But even then, most of the time the man dies afterwards, eaten alive by the Wendigo. I hoped she would kill me after she fucked me. There was no way I would succumb to her curse. Male Wendigo were hard to come by, and they were dangerous. I hoped and prayed to the Great Spirit that she would kill me.

"I am not going to kill you. No, I am going screw you and have your child. I will force your hand in this act, and you shall be my slave."

With that, she leaned over me, brushing me just so. I shuddered. I could not help myself from growing, of course, no mere mortal could control there base instincts. She hit me over the head, knocking me silly, then followed through with her deed. I came unto her, and she shuddered violently as she released the last of the venom in me through her teeth, which were at my neck. I cried out in pain as the changes took hold.

She continued to bite down, seeming lost to her own hunger, tearing flesh from bone, and then bone from body. She stopped her insane eating of my flesh when she realized I was dying from the bloodloss.

"You won't die, inini. You are now a man. You are now a Wendigo." She stood up and left me bleeding on my bed, then shifted to her Wendigo form and howled into the night as she ran off.

My body writhed as finally the changes effects became too much for my mind to process. I passed into the void.