The Corpse Bride

A string of pearls

Adorn her throat

Their beauty much like hers

Untouched by time

Their luster still faintly shines

In the soft moonlight

That steals through the window

Hair once as dark as ebony

Now hidden beneath a layer of dust

Blue eyes that once shone like sapphires

Now glazed over

A spider crawls from her shoulder

To his majestic web

Lost in yester years' memories

She takes no notice

Memories of him

And forsaken dreams

Hold her there

Refusing to move

She sits there still

Refusing solid food

She devours his old love letters

Refusing to believe

She sits there still

At the altar

Waiting for the man

Who abandoned her

The skirts of her

Ghostly white wedding gown

Lie about her

Their creases dark with

Moats of dust

That count precarious time

As it slips through the fragile hourglass

Through summer and spring

Autumn and winter

On warm sunny days

And cold restless nights

She sits there waiting

For her dear beloved

The faithless scoundrel

Her lilting voice

That once did sing

Like a nightingale

Died that day

Her rosy lips

Sealed themselves together forever

Her petite frame froze

Before a tear could drop

From her heavy lashes

Pain or grief

Disbelief or hate

Whatever reigned in her heart

Was hidden from all

As she sat down

At the altar.

Never to move again.

AN: I'm back! Wrote this a while back, what do you think?