Sunbaths along the beach
She sings
All naked and glowing
Purpose braided and beautiful
With a body that reminds me of Chinese lettering

It isn't anything I've ever heard before
But the sounds she makes are classically alluring
Covering her more than clothes every could
Sometimes people are so ignorant
Thinking her bare flesh could break this mystery

She is a sage
I am her student
Afraid to show my feet and feel the sand
As if in doing so I'm inspiring competition
In a contest I'll never win

Though she isn't standstill
I feel as if time has stopped
Every movement nothing more than a photograph
Unnaturally crude depiction of perfection
Ankle-deep in ocean
Or a body sprawled across the ground
Always always singing

I call it a name
She demands it is noise
And I feel I've lost the choice to speak
Her eyes faraway and mouth in movement
I taste the word


People crawl up from the sea to see her
To hear her sing
Others bring apathy and guns slung across her shoulder
Calling my nymph a disturbance
The wrongness in society
She laughs:

"There is nothing in my sex flesh
This fragile skin is make of teacups
My purpose is silence of body
You see nothing on my breasts
But every time I open my mouth
I am engulfed in the eternal prayer

No one came back the next day
But I dragged my body to that mouth of water
And wept on the bloody remains of stones and shells
Outlining the emptiness of her strangled noise

And in the sun I see the scars
Of beauty massacred for nothing
My body swelled with awareness
Clothes removed with a last goodbye
I begin to sing