"A note to readers"

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've last posted anything. I'm really sorry about this. College and personal issues have really dominated my life and have taken up most of my time. The fact that I'm writing this with only a sliver of time is a testament to how busy I am. With that in mind, allow me proceed onward.

To be frank, in regards to Sagara, I'm sorry to say but this is the end for Kai. The story as a whole will be taken down. Now to everyone who reads (that is if there's anyone still reading) there's basis why I'm doing this.

To first start off, my inspiration for the tail has dwindled. This dramatic lack of interest might have to due with how busy I am now days and how there was little time. Now, to also be honest in terms of the direction of the story, I had a clear view. But in regards to execution I felt as though it was lacking, severely, and thus, it was not feasible.

Through those aspects, the second reason that I'm discontinuing my work is due to lack of reviews. Now, I understand, reviews aren't everything. A story that has a 1000+ reviews isn't necessarily the best. The reason as to why my story received so little attention, I'm not sure.

However, the fact of the matter is that it really hindered me, for my motivation to proceed onwards really took a downturn. There were also times where I was always worried about my reviews, to the point that I stopped caring anymore.

But alas, I'm deviating off track. All in all, to make a long point short, the lack of reviews also played into this story's downfall. Finally, the single reason for the removal of work was due to plagiarism.

Now to backtrack, I've always been aware of this issue. Even before I started posting on the site, I was always aware of the possible dangers that existed when posting. But when issues, such as lil_goldeneyes (whom from my understanding had plagiarized twelve works from fictionpress authors, such as Jenny82( to who is one of my favorite authors)) and many other incidents of this caliber that really made me raise my eyebrows in regards to the issue.

Also, I have a feeling that if I leave my story like this, some individual is going to steal my work and add content so as to make it theirs. It is this issue that I will not tolerate for it is my work after all, I shall not see it taken.

Whew, sorry about that, it's just this issue really irks me.

But again, this message is probably getting to long so I'll wrap it up. In terms of the story, Sagara Warrior's Ascension will be removed on Sunday, December,20th at 12:00 PM. However, this removal doesn't mean I'm done with the site.

In fact, I'm set working on a new story, one that hopefully everyone will enjoy. I can't really get into details, but let's just say it burrows some ideas from this work.

All in all, for what it was worth, it was a blast working on Sagara. I'd gotten some pretty good feedback in terms of my writing skills; it has really rounded me out. On that note, I wish everyone happy holidays.