Evil people. Evil world

She wakes in the night and see's strikes at her face

She watches as her tears mix with the redness

Her heart is beating

Her mirror explodes

Causing more blood to run down her cheeks

Cuts on her face and on her heart

The part of her body that sets her apart

They have no heart no sympathy or emotions

They stare mindlessly, their eyes wide and open

The white bed sheets torn and ruffled with force

Her hair is a brown, tangled mess her mind confused and she is breathless

She can see in the corner the window is open the night creeping in the cold wind corroding

she stares back at them her white nightie she wears dragging of her body as she try's to run, she thrashes the bedroom door open and see's the house is dark, except for the moonlight that glimmers in the night

her face shows her fear; all contorted and lined with scars

the thuds from her feet on the wooden floor are loud and large

she stops at the sound of their penetrating high pitch scream; but they're right in front of her and soon she feels a pull on her stomach like a rope wrapped around it.

She watch's the house flash past her, her hands dig at the white walls; her hallway seems long although it is very short

Her life washes away before her, in her mind she screams in pain and fear

She knew that she was going to die, but she didn't think she'd go here

The house seems to fall away and her bedroom door closes. Suddenly she's in a world where everything is broken

Her heart, her mind, her promises she'd forgotten to keep

All of her pain all of her misery

The suffering she'd caused the hurt and stabbing wounds she'd created

She was the one that was now evil, heartless, blankly staring…

They had caught her, or she had caught herself all the bad things she had done had come back to haunt…

She would have to feel now, the pain of the things she had done and she would have to watch as the evil claimed others that had thought they were number one; kicked their loved ones to the curve and only thought about themselves. They were always heartless they were the ones who got sucked up into this evil world…

Don't get to scared now...i don't know where this came from i just went along with it and made things up as i went, some things rhyme and some things don't but it's knid of a short story as well as a poem thingy...?~! anyway read and review please i think...?~!