A/N- Yes, there is a personal reason behind this poem...But I've already spilled my guts about my crappy love life over the Internet, so I think that's enough.

How do you speak when there's no words to be spoken?

How do you heal when you didn't know you had a heart to be broken?

How do you move out of darkness when you've never seen the light?

How do you live like it's your last day when you're not sure it's your life?

How do you let tears fall when you said you'd never cry?

How do you greet dawn when you don't want to leave night?

How do you just flit away when they have clipped your wings?

How do you only mouth the words when you know how well you sing?

How do you admit you were wrong when you knew they were right?

How do you know you're dead when you don't remember having died?

But then the morning comes-

And I have lived through the night.