Can you see her? She's not invisible yet you look right through her. Her walls are thin, paper thin and her heart is filled with liquid gold, drowning her.

She's been through heartbreak, through sorrow and yet when you see her, her cheeks are flushed and red from smiling. From forcing through another emotion.

"You'll be ok" She once said. All we did was smile and nod.

Her eyes are deep and brown, almost entrancing if you stare long enough. It's almost though, if you gaze at them long enough, you may just be able to see inside.

She speaks with such wisdom and heart, yet is there anyone to take it in? To really hear what she has to say.

"I'm trying to forget" She randomly spoke to you one day, turning her head and letting a piece of brown hair fall into her eyes. You thought about it for a moment before nodding once more and turning away, letting the though linger on your mind.

She confided in you one day, told you memories and thoughts you never knew about her, it made her seem so much more real then you ever thought. You confided in her as well, realising, she may be the only one you can talk to.

Sometimes you go home and think that maybe she's the only person you know who actually has some heart, and can write it down with sentences and commas.

Do people see her? Do they look through her like a glass window? Maybe, if I breathed on it to fog up the glass and then drew a heart, would she see? Would it show her everything?

When she talks to you, you listen and take everything in; sometimes wishing you could speak as she does. It's like she has a poetry book inside of her, reciting whenever the time feels right.

One thing you also learnt about her is she like a soft candy, with a hard centre. From the outside she looks like a feather, so soft and like she could blow away with the winter winds. But after she spoke to you, you realised she has a hard centre, of hurt and regret, of blood and tears.

Although through all this, you have come to admire and respect her, to laugh when she laughs, to smile when she smiles and to listen when she talks.

You have found someone in her that you never thought you would find, almost like a discovery. A mission accomplished.

A day will come when you will have to say goodbye to her and you hope to god that you will have the courage to go and hug her, to say "ill miss you" with all sincerity. Because you have finally found someone worth missing.

She may be the misunderstood girl, with the amazing talent and witty comebacks, but you know her as the girl with the meaningful words.

Her walls may be paper thin and she may have liquid gold rushing through her veins, but you will always have the smile of knowing you know her deeper than that.

So fly away, let the wind carry you wherever you want to go.

I'll be behind you.