No I don't feel you

I don't feel you any more

And I need you

I need you now- ever more

Cause I'm blind with out you

And I'm lost with out you

Feed me now.

Cause I need you in my life forever more

I'm tired of running.

I've been running for what seams like fifty thousand years

And my legs are screaming- screaming with achingness

So I need you

I need you right hear with me.

Ohhhho right her with me, ohhho right here with me.

I'm running toward you toward you now more than ever

I need to be with you I can feel it my heart

But it's a long way back home and I can't do it on my own

So guide me home

I'm so tired, tired of feeling this way

I want to be in your presence all of my days

So guide me home with you many angels

Because I need you to be right here with me

Now I'm dancing-

Dancing with you in ballet shoes

So I scream Jesus

Jesus- I'm glade that I found you

You're in my heart now

And I can't get rid of you.

And I won't get rid of you

No- I won't let you go

(Whispers) in my ballet shoes with you