Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a beautiful princess whom everyone was so amoured with. She spent all of her time gazing upon herself, making herself perfect. Oh, she was so perfect, and how she knew it. The only company she allowed to view her were her family and servents. However, a young wanderer accidently stumbled into the garden, and this was the first time he ever saw her. He, too, fell in love. And she, so stunned by the appearance of a man so handsome, one who could rival her own beauty, and fell in love with him. Secretly, they began to meet at night; their love grew. Even so, she always loved herself much more than he could ever love her. Realizing this broken-heartedly, the wanderer began his journey to no where once again, leaving the princess to love herself and grieve his absense. The saddest part was she didn't even notice his disappearance for a very long time, and simply went back to viewing herself. She was destined to die alone, old and ugly.