He glanced at her expectantly and held out his hands. She returns his gaze, hands shaking uncontrollably with uncertainty. Then, quickly, she breaks eye contact and pulls away, with a defiant step back.


Linda shook her head, chewing on her bottom lip. She didn't know what to do at the very moment. Everything had happened all at once. It felt like she was in a daze. Now, she stood, with a decision to make at the very last minute. Time appeared suspended as the two stood, just watching each other until a tear broke from the corner of her eyes forcing Linda's arm to reflexively wipe it away. The little droplet though appearing to have stopped, multiplied in number until it appeared that a river ran down Linda's cheeks.

"Emil, I…"

She stood on her tiptoes, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She glances at him for what seems to be a second before dropping her head with dejection.

"…can't do it."

He chided her chin up, so that he could take a good look at her—but said nothing. Try as Linda might, she could not keep her self from looking. They were pleading, intense and burning. It pained her.

"It's not right—It's not right for me."

A sigh escaped her lips, deep as if to relieve her from a torrent of emotions. She was feeling too much. Not now, anytime but now, she pleads to her self, to no avail. She loves him so, and though that love is deep and fiery she still wouldn't do it. Love has never deluded her and she won't allow it now. Her tickets have been paid, and her lug gages were all packed, waiting to be placed on the train.

It was now or never.

"Why not?"

"Emil, don't you see? What are we going to do with ourselves? What about the people we are leaving behind?" was what Linda was thinking, but did not leave her mouth. Instead what came out was,

"So, you're running away?"

Emil continued on with his silence. Linda knew he was going through with it. He looked determined and when he got that look—

"Linda…" He had taken a step down with a foot, one hand twining into her chestnut hair, the other cupping her cheek. Her resolve was crumbling.

"Come with me."

She gingerly placed her hands around his wrists and gently removed them from her. A choked sob escapes her, as she turns her head away, once more feeling the familiar creasing of her eyes, and tightening of her chest. Why did he want to run away from his problems? Did he actually think it would make things better? There will be problems no matter what. Soon there will be no place to run.


A man clad in striking uniform questioned. Linda musters a small smile in acknowledgement.

"Your baggage?"

"Please, will it be alright if you lead it out and wait with me so I can get on the bus or hail a taxi?"

The man obliged with a slight nod. Linda turned her attention back to Emil. He appeared to have been listening intently, because his response was instantaneous—a defeated sigh. The train's whistle blew and Linda's heart raced, dreading the event that was coming. She could only watch as her lover walked away, but not before flashing the last of what she may see of his adorable smile.

The train then rode away into the distance. Linda's attention shifted onto the train tracks, once again triggering her tears to start up. The tracks appeared endlessly long as they faded into the distance. It reminded Linda of the distance Emil had conquered to claim her heart and what they had walked together as lovers.