Inspired to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, "Indestructable" by Disturbed, and Hugh Jackman.


A row of rifles,
barrels pointed down the line,
held by men whose pasts engulf them
in a tangible cloud of emotion.
They are surrounded by mothers
and brothers, lovers left behind,
fiancées waiting at the alter,
families torn by losses that haven't yet
made it through a courier, but are felt
deep inside, a hurt never to mend.

On the other side,
he stands alone,
his unit behind him,
too still,
too silent.

There will be no survivors.

He cocks a pistol,
touches his ammo,
stares into the night,
sensing their hesitation.

Side by side, they shiver, feel his gaze
and know their own doom.
Even as their loyalty wavers,
their hands and fear hold steady.

To look away is to surrender
and they are all too willing to glance down.
The commanding officer will not
signal retreat. This they know.
And they will face death because to do
otherwise would be treason.

He has no such
He is fighting
not for what's right,
but for the thrill
of the chase,
to see every last
terrified breath
shuddered at the end.

There will be no survivors.

At the signal, they fire. Bullets upon
bullets hail down upon him.
They swallow, slow, secret,
say goodbye to brothers
and mothers left behind.
make their peace with a god
born of the battlefield.
Hearts pumping, veins throbbing,
they wait for return fire.

Still, still, then
a blaze of light.
He takes every impact
and returns it tenfold.

There will be no survivors.
This they know.

Sole figure standing
over the carnage all around,
his bloodthirst is not satisfied.

They wanted the perfect soldier.
They just didn't count of what he'd do
when they created him.