Protector of Hearts, Guardian of Light

Chapter 1: Door of Fate

Dawn was approaching, the night sky was royal purple, casting beautiful glows through the trees of the moonlight forest. The air was warm and comforting, brushing past a small garden of flowers, hidden beneath the canyon walls. There was no sign of any animal life, only plants and trees, the grass and a dirt path cutting through the forest. Stars shimmered in the sky, reflecting off the bare canyon walls and into the forest making it's only light source.

The garden hidden with the walls was blocked by logs to protect it, so nothing may harm the peace of this peaceful place. Orchids, lilies and roses grew here, colors of blue, purple and pink was all to be seen through the darkness of the tall grass and shadow of the logs.

One certain rose stood out from the rest, it was pink and very beautiful. A bright light from a star in the night sky shone on it, like a spotlight. The pink rose bloomed its petals, opening into a beautiful perfect flower. Inside, was a small creature, a pixie, glimmering bright pink wings reflecting from the purple sky, longish neon pink hair and pale pink skin. It was a boy fairy, snuggled up sleeping, completely naked.

The light of the moon awoke the tiny fairy, he peeked his head out of the flower, his eyes contrasting the darkness of the night sky, glowing royal purple. He smiled and yawned, stretching his tiny limbs outwards, revealing his slim figure and subtle muscle curves of his little body.

The fae leaped out of the rose and flew around the garden, spreading his pink fairy dust along the other flowers, it was time to get up and awaken the light! Each rose blossomed slowly at the touch of the magic dust, revealing different fairies all around. Many fae started to come out of their slumber and sprinkle their dust all around the garden, giggling and laughing. Many array of colors filled the beautiful moonlight garden, blue, purple, yellow, red, pink, green, it was like an everlasting mobile rainbow. The garden was lit up, it was only seen as a tiny white light in the forest hidden away at the edge of Jaggedpine Forest.

Justyen, our fairy boy was practicing at becoming a great wizard. He loved playing with magic and loved everything about magic and dreams. Every day he would go out exploring the forest and travel deeper and further into the unknown. His master Dora forbid him to go any further because of the dangers that lurk within Jaggedpine.

Dora is a wingless aged pixie that trains newcomer wizards to become great explorers and adventurers so they can leave the garden and spread their everlasting light to the world. His skin is dark blue and his head is big and shaped like an egg, holding a great and powerful brain! His beady little eyes are like an insects eyes, darting around and around non stop, looking at all his surroundings clearly. He carried with him a wand, which aided him to grow new flowers and protect the precious fae garden.

Dora has trained Justyen for many centuries, his confidence grew that the young fae was ready to go out on his own and spread his dream light to all of the world.

"Justyen!" Dora called out with his tiny squeaky voice.

The young fae heard his master call and flew down to an opening in the log protecting the garden. This is where Dora lived, making a small home inside the tree log. Candles were lit up on the inside, potions and scrolls and spellbooks littered his house.

"I am here Dora, what's wrong?" Justyen said joyfully.

Dora got up and walked towards him every so slowly, telling him that he was ready to go out on his own, and that fate had come, the time to seek out new light, hope, dreams and even love.

"I have put my trust in you for the past many years, and I fink it is time for you to spread your wings and open your heart to the world honey. Someone out there needs you right now, you must follow your heart..." Dora said.

"I know I am ready Dora, thank you for teaching me your magic, I won't let you down..." The young fae said, his voice confident, yet a hint of sorrow swept over him. A tear coming to his tiny eye.

"Do not cry Justyen, you have come very far, I will always be here when you need to come back, I promise." Dora nodded, placing a hand on the fae's shoulder.

"I will be strong Dora." Justyen smiled.

"Make sure you take your magic robe, it holds all your power in it, until you can upgrade it for new and powerful spells." Dora says, throwing a dark red robe, with a light blue cowl attached at Justyen.

Justyen puts it on, his aura glowing bright blue. This robe gives him the power to use his ice magic, which ice is his specialty, he loved the cold. Dora also gave him his magic wand as a gift, it would come in handy against any dangers that he might encounter.

"Your wand?" Justyen asked, looking confused.

"Yes child, you are ready to wield its magic, I have great faith in you Justyen." Dora smiled and nodded happily, his eyes darting around in circles.

"Thank you." Justyen said, giving Dora a hug, then flying out into the great Jaggedpine Forest.

The forest was still dark, the moonlight shining on Justyen, as he flew cautiously around. He was like a tiny firefly in the midsts of the darkness. It was quiet and warm, the violet sky reflecting in the fairies eyes. Trees were scattered everywhere, making his journey difficult, like going through a maze of grass and bark. Justyen just stayed on the path he found so he wouldn't get lost. Bright pink and white fae dust trailing his wake.

He saw something ahead of him moving within the trees. Justyen hid in a nearby bush and just looked out into the moonlit forest, waiting for something to happen. The bush glowed a faint white light, but could still be seen by others. Worry came over the fae...

Peering into the darkness, a figure came into a spot of light. It was a high elf, standing tall, wearing a red robe with a blue cowl, almost the same as Justyen. He carried a long staff with crystals pointing from the tip. His hair, brown and short, wrapped with a white jeweled crest equipped with red rubies. Turquoise eyes gleamed in the light, contrasting well with the green of the trees and grass.

Justyen just stared at the beautiful male high elf, walking down the dirt path of the moonlit forest. He wasn't afraid of the elf, as the fae and high elves are allies.

The young fae saw the elf look his way and notice his white aura glowing within the bush. He giggled as the high elf approached, he couldn't help but blush red, the elf was very attractive to the young fae.

"Hello?" The high elf said, his voice having a beautiful accent to it.

The bush shook and pink dust sprinkled all around the place. The elf flinched back, but then came in closer, reaching inside the bush to see what it was. Justyen couldn't hold it in any longer, he sensed a bright light with the high elf and darted out of the bush, flying around the elf, sprinkling more fairy dust around in his wake.

"Oh bless..." The high elf said, just as Justyen stopped in front of his face.

They gazed into each others eyes, locked tight, not wanting to look away. A vision of a dream entered their minds, as if they both knew what the other was thinking.

Mystical cities, surrounded by light, forests made of snow and ice, fields made of pure lush green grass, skies as clear as our hearts and souls, waters deep within, reflecting in our eyes. Churches in the distance, clocks ticking, fairies flying, dreams awakening and coming true! All they could see was a bright future, filled with adventure, love, wonder, excitement and light. Justyen knew it had to be fate. The one soul mate to carry on his dream and hold his heart in his hand, to protect him, love him and be with him through everything. Dora was right, now Justyen could spread his light, and do it with the light in his heart as he's always dreamed of! To help others fight off the shadows and make this world better...

"What's your name, little fairy?" The high elf asked.

"Justyen." The fae replied.

"I'm Steviad, a high elf sorcerer from Felwithe." He held out a hand, as Justyen landed in the center of the high elves palm.

The fairy just sat there, playing with the high elves fingers, glides his small hands along Steviad's hand. The touch was gentle, soothing, warm. Steviad was overwhelmed with immense light, and love, a love that he had never felt before after all the lonely hard years he's been through. Justyen also felt a powerful force within the high elf, light, love, protection...

Both of them felt very dreamy and connected, in a way that both of their minds and hearts had always wanted. Only in so little time have they just met, the power they both had was intense and felt so right, a dream come true. The aura around Justyen sparkled and shone around Steviad, glowing a bright pink and blue light around them both. Their hearts became one, a fated meeting... predicted by Dora.

"Would you like to come with me?" Justyen asked Steviad to join him on his adventure to spread his light, flying up close to his face, touching Steviad's nose softly with one small hand.

"I would love to!" Replied Steviad, blushing in the face.

Justyen kissed Steviad on the nose, then took a place on his left shoulder, snuggling up against his smooth neck. They both took off, into the forest of Jaggedpine, the night fading away, as the Sun rose up in the sky, shining a light on them both, a beautiful, wonderful light...