Chapter 25: Happy Thoughts

The sun came up through the cloudy domain. The purple washed skies looked down upon a beautiful plain of clouds. A marble walkway swivels through the soft white domain, leading to a grand heavenly palace. A unicorn sits on top of a step far away from the palace, waiting for something, waiting for the happy thoughts that were about to occur. He was very handsome, coated with a purple body, and dark pink hair, with green eyes, a generous spirit, always thinking the best of others. He brings fortune and riches to any good soul below in the world. His name, Bracken Fair Prince, who was watching over the Wakening Lands where Dorato was waiting. It was a forest of light, the trees reaching to the sky, the light shining through to the forest floor. Flora, bush and many gentle wildlife fill the forest with it's beauty and wonder...

Another small fairy village rested with the Wakening Lands, where Dorato waited for Justyen and Steviad to arrive. With him, he had an injured dog, named Billy. Dora found him wandering the forest, so he brought him back to the village to heal it. "Ooh, I hope they arrive soon! Now that the rift to the dark dimension has opened, the Void Beast will come. We must now close the rift and destroy that beast, oh my." Said Dora, sitting next to Billy. "Are you excited yes?" He said, patting Billy's head. He barks at Dora, sending him flying across the fairy village and smacking against a mushroom house. "Oh my goodness!" Dora rubs his head, as Billy sticks his tongue out panting.

Justyen and Steviad arrive through a druid portal with Stephstin, leaves and magic energy flutter around as the group enters the Wakening Lands. "Dora!" Justyen yells, running over to Dorato.

"Oh Justyen, it's good to see you made it!" Dora shouts with excitement.

"Yes, we finally made it and destroyed the dark dome." Justyen said.

"Oh yes, I see, have you also retrieved Steviad's body?" Dora asked.

"Not yet, the Void Beast hasn't shown." Justyen said.

"I see, well the void beast will surely come here soon, we must wait until then..."

"Oh! This is Stephstin, he helped us get here."

"Oh?" Dora pondered for a moment, looking over the strange gnome. "Where have you come from?" He asked.

"I am Stephstin, created by the love of Justyen and Steviad. I have come to help them through this time of their existence." Stephstin said.

"I understand, it was foretold by the fates." Dora stated.

"Yes, we can only give them happy thoughts now..."

Justyen was a bit perplexed as to what they were talking about. Perhaps they meant the battle against the void beast, or something brought by fate that they didn't understand. Steviad was at Billy's side, holding the ice pyramid by him. A faint blue light surrounded Billy, as it healed the dog's wounds. Steviad's face glowed brightly from the pyramid, as soft tears rolled down his face. He felt happy, and comforted from being around Billy. 'That's a good boy." He said, petting his head with a smile.

A loud noise was heard within the forest. Birds fly away and the wildlife go in a panic, the void beast had arrived. A sense of nightmarish energy wash over them, as everyone waits for the Void Beast's appearance. Thumping and the sound of bush being crunched can be heard, trees falling over and animals in distress. "Gather the others!" Dora yelled. The unicorn in the sky swoops down, next to Dora's side. A bright light emerges from it's horn, as every adventurer they have met from around Norrath is summoned to the fairy village. With each of them, they hold with them the special critter they helped along the way; Craitziss with Cakey, Gobbie and Dream with Notail, Jorina with Dearage, Fabrena with Mof, Denena with Mildred, Ruvarin with Teddy and Wardaan with Bunny. They were all gathered here together to face against the dreadful Void Beast. This nightmare was coming to an end.

The Void Beast appears through the trees, crashing them down as it gets closer to the fairy village. Within it's claw grip, held Steviad's body, broken, crushed and bruised. The Void Beast gave out a loud growl, echoing through the forest. Justyen stared the beast down, then looked at Steviad's body, then looked over at Steviad with the ice pyramid. "Let's get this over with." He said, as he took the ice pyramid and held in towards the beast. The energy within gathered, and activated Steviad's Soul Teleport ability, summoning his body to him. Healing and reviving energy flowed all around Steviad, transforming him back into his high elf form. His fairy wings collapsed and vanished back into his soul. His body grew taller, back into his old self once again, as his robe appeared, draping over him. Steviad was now back into his high elf body, and ready to fight against the evil beast that once captured him in that horrible dark dimension.

"You're back!" Justyen shouted, as he flew up and gave him the biggest hug.

"Thank you my love." Steviad said, putting his arms around Justyen and tickling his wings. Justyen laughed, then gave the pyramid back to him. "You better keep this safe."

"I will, now let's defeat this monster baby."

The others got ready for the final battle, their weapons and spells in hand. The beast let out a claw, beckoning them to him, taunting them to fight against his wrath of nightmares. "Everyone, protect the light!" Dora shouted. They all came at the void beast bearing weapons and spells. Craitziss cast powerful bolts of lightning at the beast from a distance, as Cakey swooped in biting at it's face, trying to blind it. The Void Beast swiped at Cakey, missing every time. Gobbie was riding Dream, then leaped off onto the beasts back, stabbing it over and over with his daggers. Notail rushed around the beasts feet, scratching, biting and trying to make it fall over. Jorina and Dearage came in from one side, her sword slashed against the beasts hard body, then eventually cutting off it's right arm. Black blood seeped from it's arm socket, covering both Jorina and Dearage with dark blood. "Argh!" Jorina yelled. Fabrena came sneaking in from behind, then backstabbing the beast with her poison blood daggers. Mof wasn't much help, so it decided to go up with Cakey and confused the beast, fluttering around rapidly in a frenzy. Denena stayed back with Mildred, and focused on healing the others if anyone was hit. Mildred was too dry to do anything anyways. Ruvarin was at her side, shooting arrows into the beast, one after another, pulling it back away from the fairy village. Teddy was powerful, he came charging up front like a tank, clawing at the beasts front. Wardaan was at the beasts other side, avoiding it's massive claw attacks. He tried to spear his claw and render it useless. The beast came in for a ground swipe, but Wardaan jumped it, then speared it's neck. "Take that foul beast!" He shouted.

Everyone was fighting hard, bringing the void beast down to it's knees. It was no match for them at all, black blood stained the grass below. "Everyone stand back!" Justyen shouted. He wanted to finish off the Void Beast himself. Ice energy grew within him, getting ready to cast one final blast of cold. The others stood their ground, as they watched Justyen channel a more powerful cold spell at the beast. His hands reached out forward towards the beast, ice crystals, snowflakes and cold energy released from his fingers. It hit the beast right in the chest, freezing over it's hard black body, radiating nightmare energy. The beast became enraged, then blocked the energy beam with it's massive claw. Justyen stopped casting then fell back a bit. "Damn." He said. The Void Beast came in for one big attack, cutting Justyen across the chest. He screamed out in pain, then fell on his back in the bloody grass. His wings went faint, then limp, as he fell unconscious. Steviad's eyes widened. "No!" He grew angry, grabbing the sword and shield still mounted on Lairon, who was napping the whole time. Steviad came in hard at the beast, delivering one final blow, cutting the beast completely in half diagonally. The beast flashed, then shattered into a million black shards, raining down on everyone. The void had been defeated!

Steviad dropped the weapons, exhausted and tired. For a moment, he almost couldn't control himself, tears formed in his eyes. He looked back, where Justyen was laying on the ground, bleeding from the massive cut on his chest. Steviad rushed to his side, then ripped his robe open to see the wound. "Justyen... no..." he said, his lip quivering with fright. His heart raced at the sight of his beloved bleeding to death. He brought out the pyramid and held it close to Justyen. He waited for something to happen, but the pyramid just did not glow at all. "Stevia..." Justyen said, his voice cracking. "Justyen, hold on please..." Steviad said, still holding the pyramid, but nothing happened. "My... love..." Justyen said, as the pyramid shattered in front of them! Ice shards sprinkled everywhere, as the heart beat inside the pyramid stopped. Justyen reached to Steviad with shaking hands, then held Steviad's. "Steviad..." Justyen spoke quietly, blood and tears roll down his face. Steviad just looked at his love on the ground, weeping, not knowing what to do. He knew he was going to lose him this day, but his heart couldn't let him go.

"Justy... please don't die..." his voice shaky, tears falling on Justyen.

"Don't cry, my love..." Justyen wiped away tears on Steviad's face, then held his hand on his cheek. Steviad held Justyen's hands tight, his heart feeling heavy with sorrow, then sniffed...

"I don't want to be alone forever." he said, crying into Justyen's hands. Justyen tried to smile, but his lip shook with fear, his heart slowly stopped beating.

"I won't let you be alone..." Justyen said, as Steviad looked into his crying eyes. "I want you to be so... happy..." he managed to smile now.

"Please don't go... I need you so much..." Steviad leaned over onto Justyen, holding him tight and shaking uncontrollably. "I don't know what to do without you.. This can't be the end... Have I lost you forever now...?" Steviad said, releasing all his love into Justyen, as he just held him there...

The unicorn stepped forward and leaned down, touching Justyen with it's horn. Justyen began to glow bright pink, then blue. His body shimmered with luminescence, surrounding them both with a powerful light. The feeling of love spread between them, eternally in their souls. This love will never die, it's all around us, in our hearts, in nature and in our minds. Justyen's body exploded into many glimmering lights, as Steviad hugged the air. "Justyen!" he shouted in pain. Steviad was leaned forward, holding his gut on his knees, surrounded with Justyen's lights, comforting his sorrow. The sound of weeping came from the lights, they danced all around Steviad until his sorrow passed...

The unicorn leaped back into the sky, the trail of light in his wake. Justyen's spirit was sent back to nature, covering the Wakening Lands and healed everything around. Even though his body was gone, his soul would never forget Steviad and Steviad would never forget him. The sky became night, as Steviad just looked up at the stars, thinking of him. He knew he wasn't gone, he could still feel Justyen around him. He grasped his gemstone cross and began to feel better. One day, Steviad knew he would see Justyen again. The distance between them would be hard, but the love he felt never died. All he could do now was think happy thoughts, until that day he would see Justyen again, in another world. He could hear Justyen in his thoughts...

"Do not be sad my love, or lonely... I am here, always, thinking of you... Wherever you are... I promise we will be together, no matter what... Stay strong, and think happy thoughts... I will be in your heart, in our special place, being a dreamy boy..."

"I love you..."