Inside each person's heart there is a garden. When a child is born the garden also comes to life, and as the child grows, so too will the garden within him. Although everyone has a garden of their own, the garden cannot be tended to by that one person alone. Eventually, the garden will grow in ways that reflect the state of the person's heart, either flourishing it or wasting it away. Within that garden, so small and yet so limitless, the garden continues to shape itself, altering itself through the influence of its surroundings. And that is the beginning of our story; a story about how people continuously plant seeds into each other's hearts throughout their lives, and how those seeds will develop based on the relationship between those people. And hopefully by the end, you too will begin to wonder what kind of seeds you have planted within people's hearts.

A/N: Okay, so this is the prologue to my new story. I really hope I can portray what I want in this piece, and hopefully I can think fast, but you know, it takes time to think things through. So please support me as we continue down this long arduous journey to understand the world!