"... and carry a gun and, and, fight burglerars and killers and stuff." The class applauded.

"Thankyou, Billy." The teacher turned to the next in line. "You're up, Carter."

The next kid took a step forward, to centre-stage. "When I grow up, I want to be the richest man in the world and own anything I want."

"To conclude our graduation ceremony, I shall announce the college dux. All our students performed very well in their final exams, but one stood out. With the best average we've seen in years, I proudly present the shield and accompanying bragging rights," the principal snickered at his own joke, which was met only by blank stares by the attended crowd, "to Carter Magafe."

The congregation erupted in applause, student, teacher and parent alike. Most knew he had had it already, and none were surprised that he did. He was not advanced four years for nothing, after all.

"And give a warm welcome to CAAAAAARTER MAAGAFE!" The SFX guy flicked the 'applause' button. "20 years old and already a millionaire. What's it like?"

"Oh, it's all I've ever wanted in life. I feel like I can do anything now. All I need to know now is 'Where to from here?' What do you do when you've become everything you want to be?"

"Have you ever thought about a family?"

"No, not really. I've never really had any time for love, and never found anyone who seems to want me. Social just isn't my forte."

He watched the way she wrote, marvelling at her ability to turn such a menial task into an act of beauty. He took in her every movement, noticed every glint in her eyes and tap of her pen. He lusted for her body, craved her mind and couldn't resist her soul. He was in love. And he had no idea how to go for it.

His gravestone would read "Carter Magafe. Had everything he ever wanted."

But it would be wrong.

He only had everything he had thought he wanted. He didn't have love.

He died of loneliness.

A/N: A one-shot for RG's WCC, the prompt being "I'm dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean." Check my profile for more information. Personally, I don't like this one, but I promised myself I would submit an entry this time, and this is all that came to me.