Never believe the words you hear,

you only get the thing you really fear.

I was never right, never,

to let my heart be true.

Clutch your shirt with both hands.


Save me with words, with warm, worried looks,

intimate touches in everyday places.

Coax me open, naked, bare,

Open to you, to the world.




The clock ticks, marking the moments,

I'm dreaming of you with my eyes open wide.

Like the air before the snow begins to fall,

the wanting almost sweeter than the thought of having.


Wandering the paths so slowly.

Eyes close; slide into slumber.

I watch your silhouette,

disappear into my dark head.

You taunt me,

when all you do

is throw harsh words at me.

You left me there,

To rot and rust.

We were so close to being perfect,

nobody's perfect.

People warned me,

did I listen?

Of course not.

You lie next to me cold and blue,

death was never so inviting.

I didn't kill you,

maybe your words,

they killed you.

Burnt you,

from the inside,


You never let me live,

and proved it with harsh beatings.

I know you proved you point,

but was it worth it?

Leave me cry,

you never cared,

leave me cry.

Your so fucking scared.

I want to scream I Miss You into the skies.

Would god take a break and listen?

You hurt.

You jeer.

You scream and yell.

You die.

I want to believe you are out of my life,

But if scars never fade,

Neither will you.