Chapter 19: Life after you

Ten miles from town and I just broke down
Spittin' out smoke on the side of the road
I'm out here alone just tryin' to get home
To tell you I was wrong but you already know

Believe me I won't stop at nothin'
To see you so I've started runnin'

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

Last time we talked, the night that I walked
Burns like an iron in the back of my mind
I must've been high to say you and I
Weren't meant to be and just wastin' my time

Oh, why did I ever doubt you?
You know I would die here without you

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

You and I, right or wrong, there's no other one
After this time I spent alone
It's hard to believe that a man with sight could be so blind
Thinkin' 'bout the better times, must've been outta my mind
So I'm runnin' back to tell you

Life after you by Daughtry


After I left Blake I walked around the school trying to find Chase and Marco. I looked just about everywhere when I finally found them standing outside the park entrance.

"Chase oh my gosh you have a black eye." I said walking over to him placing my hand and his cheek. I saw him sigh and lean into my touch. Maybe this was a good sign.

"Look Chase I know that you don't want to hear what I have to say but please hear me out. I love you and I never meant to hurt you I just wanted to try and repent for some of the things I had done but now I see that Blake totally wasn't worth loosing you over. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I don't regret anything I've ever done with or to you except hurting you because I would never want to do that intentionally." I said trying to hurry up so that he would listen.

"I know. I am the one who should be sorry I hurt you because I was being selfish and an egotistical asshole. I made a promise to myself that when we started dating I wouldn't ever hurt you and I broke that promise." He said.

"I broke up with Blake right after we talked at the airport and that's why he's mad and he called me a whore but I really don't give a damn what he says or does." I said.

"I don't care about that douche bag either but when he has anything to say pertaining to you it better not be anything degrading." He said smirking.

"So does this mean I can call you my boyfriend again?" I asked wrapping my arms around his waist.

"You can call me whatever you want." He said suggestively.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too." he leaned down and captured my lips in the best kiss I have ever had. I put my all into that kiss. Tears begun to run down my face.

"Babe, why are you crying?" he asked breaking away.

"I'm happy. I've been such an emotional wreck these last few weeks it feels good to be happy again." I smiled and he bent down kissing me again.


Epilogue: Love Like winter.

We are now sophomores in college at Berkeley University in California.

"Chase where are we going?" It's our three year anniversary and Chase has me blindfolded.

"Okay take off the blindfold." I did as he instructed.

All around me was a pretty hotel room filled with a lot of rose petals and candles kinda like how it was the first time we made love.

"Aww Chase it beautiful. I love it." I said.

"Turn around." He said and I once again turned around to find him on one knee holding a black velvet box.

"Oh my god Chase." I gasped.

"Squirt I love you so much and I can't imagine my life without you. Three years ago you stopped hating me enough to actually care that I existed and that was the best thing that could ever happen to me. I love you with all my heart and I would be honored if you would marry me." he said opening the box and revealing a beautiful diamond ring.

"Oh gosh of course I will marry you Chase." He slipped the ring on my finger before picking me up and spinning me around capturing my lips in a kiss that still made my heart race.

Chase 21 Issy 19 he's still winning but I guess losing has its perks also.


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