Magic Dream

Chapter 1: Apprentice Wizard

Amenia has just arrived at the grand academy of wizards, an erudite wizard. She has been formally invited by the grand wizard of Erudin to train in the ancient art of magic. Hidden away behind the mountains of Stonebrunt, the academy has a great reputation for understanding and intelligence. Many wizards have studied and graduated top ranks at the academy, now it is time for Amenia to become skilled in the arts as well.

Amenia has the glyphs of understanding engraved all over her body, they glow light blue. Her skin, navy blue like the dusk skies. She wears red robes, as indicated she is a wizard, carries a silent wand, a magnificent broom and a ring of time, to aid her in transportation.

The castle walls were made of white crystal, that shimmered from the sunlight that came in from the glass window on the giant ceiling. A fountain in the center of the grand hall, carries water through spouts along the floor towards each four corners of the room. Greenery, flowers and plants grew around the streams of water, creating an outdoor atmospheric like scene.

Amenia looked around the grand hall, the floors were soaked with water from the fountain. I thought the erudites are suppose to be neat and clean, she thought.

"This will not do at all, someone could slip and hurt themselves." She said to herself, taking out her magnificent broom.

"Alright, time to clean this place up." She smiled, as her broom magically whisked away, and wiped the water off the floors clean.

Amenia stood there, waving her wand about, controlling the broom all around the room mopping up all the water into the broom. The water just vanished as the broom glided across the puddles, making the floors nice and shiny, and shimmering brightly from the sunlight above.

Just then, a bat comes flying out of a portion of the plants surrounding the fountain. It startles Amenia, dropping her broom into the water stream. The bat seemed angry and flies around her, screeching and flapping it's wings frantically.

"Pesky bat!" She shouts.

This made the bat more angry and swoops in towards her and bites her shoulder. Amenia screams, echoing through the grand hall. The bat only bit her cowl of the robe, and didn't penetrate through to her skin. The cloth was thick enough to prevent damage to her.

The bat swings around and goes in for another attack, this time aimed at her head, which was protected by nothing. Amenia then brought out her wand, jolting it outwards creating a ball of fire, exploding on impact against the attacking bat. The bat flinched backwards and dived into the fountain, splashing water all over.

She watched, as the bat came back out and walked along the edge of the fountain stream, shaking the water off of it, then leaping back up into the air. Amenia braced herself, this bat was not going to give up. She blasted a few more fireballs at it as it swooped towards her. She hit the bat twice, then missed once as the bat came crashing down into a garden of flowers behind her, Amenia dodges, then slips of the wet floor, coming down to her knees.

Amenia stands up slowly, the bottom of her robe all wet and soaked. Just as she gets her balance, a sonic screams echoes loudly through the hall, making her dizzy, then falling into the fountain stream behind her. Water splashed everywhere, now she was completely drenched from the fountain! Her vision is blurred by the splashing water, as she could barely see the bat fly at her again, it's mouth and tiny fangs wide open. She didn't hesitate to use her ring of time and teleport away to the top of the stairs leading to one of the wizard chambers. The bat hit the slippery floor, then slid across and into a wall. Amenia chuckled, waving her wand a few more times, casting two fireballs at the bat, burning it to a crisp!

Amenia sighed, as she cleaned herself up and finished washing the floors, along with the bats ashes. Poor bat, I hope there are not anymore of the in the academy, it could be dangerous.

"Much better." She said smiling at her job well done of cleaning the grand hall.

Amenia was getting hungry now after a days work of cleaning, she made her way to the dining chamber, through the large archway on the east side of the grand hall. She did not know, that she was being watched, by a fellow erudian wizard from across the hall near the wizards chamber.

"Very interesting..." Said the male erudite watching Amenia enter the dining hall.