Chapter 3: The Race

The courtyard was teeming with wizards from all over Norrath. Amenia watched as they gathered, a few of them were lining up at the starting line, a race was being held! Something inside of her wanted to just break free out of her shell and join in the fun. Maybe Deleju would notice her if she competed in the race. She was Deleju wave back at her, she gave a small wave back and blushed.

Her broom was resting against the wall beside her, she had on it a purple grip handle. What happened next, she didn't notice at all... A gnome wizard came up beside her silently, switching her broom with one that had a blue handle instead, then he ran off with her magnificent broom!

The race was just about to start, so Amenia gained the courage, and grabbed the blue broom instead of her own and dashed off to the starting line. She usually notices small things like the color of her broom, but her mind was more focused on impressing Deleju.

Wizards lined up at the starting point, with their brooms in hand. Amenia gripped the blue handle and got on, her robe draping over each side and her feet clutched at the back levitating the broom in the air with her magic. She looked over at Deleju watching and smiled and felt a boost of confidence. She was going to do this, for her, for love, for compassion, understanding, nothing was going to stop her now!

Then, they were off, wizards on their brooms gliding through the air, going through hoops, under pole, through tunnels, around corners, zooming everywhere in circles around the obstacle course! Amenia was having fun, passing each wizard by no problem at all. She made her way up to second place, coming towards a tunnel next. The crowd cheered them on, 'go, go!'

All was fine, until something strange started happening to Amenia's broom. It clicked, sparked and started spinning out of control. She tried to keep it steady, but failed completely and flew around wildly in the air, almost crashing into the other racers.

"What the?" She said to herself, looking down at her broom.

She noticed the blue handle then seemed confused.

"This isn't my broom..."

Before she knew it, she looked up and suddenly crashed into the castle wall! Both her and the broom smacked hard against the brick wall, then tumbling down onto the cement ground. Everyone looked over and was staring at her, lying on the ground. As Amenia looked up, she was embarrassed and her face turned really red. They all laughed except for Deleju who came over to help her up.

"Are you alright?" He asked, helping Amenia to her feet.

"Yes, something went wrong, that's not my broom..." She stated, picking up the broom and examining it.

"Ha ha! Did you enjoy your little ride?" A small squeaky voice called out from the crowd.

It was the gnome from before who switched her broom.

"Looking for this?" He said, raising Amenia's purple handled magnificent broom.

"How dare you!" Deleju shouted, his voice sounding protective and strong.

Amenia was still blushing, but not from embarrassment, but from developing a slight crush on her male counterpart friend. She moved in closer to him, brushing against his robe. She gripped her new dazzling broom and channeled her magic into it, preparing to fight against her enemy. If they wanted to mess with Amenia, then they would get a surprise, as to how powerful her magic really is!