As a letter to a very close friend, I hope you understand and I apologize again.

As I lie here in your arms

I feel I've let you down

So let me hold you with my love

And try to heal it now

I feel your breath against my chest

I hear your body move

I feel the warmth of your embrace

I'm covered by your love

Sometimes it's hard to show love

Through the human heart today

For in trying to be a gentleman

I must push my heart away

A gentleman is who I am

And what I strive to be

All I ask is that you never

Take that name from me

But let me take you in my arms

And lie down next to you

And in your time of hurt remeber

My heart's hurting too

For I long to show you so much love

And make us both one whole

But as I lie here next to you

I fight my very soul