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May 10, 2009

A user by the name of Victoria asked the FictionPress user a few questions of their own when they stumbled upon this diary of unanswered questions. The questions were certainly thought provoking:

Question 46: How many clicks of the refresh button will it take to reach my desired page from the 403 Error? (in reference to the infamous tootsie roll pop commercial)

Question 47: When will the 403 Error get fixed?

Question 48: Are '403' and '502' code for "We hate you?"

Question 49: Is the 502 Error another way of saying you won't read our emails?

Question 50: Can we sue you for child neglect?

Question 51: Will you sue us if we place bets on when the next site update will be?

Question 52: May I bet on March 9, 2010?

Question 53: Are you aware of the 403 Error?

Question 54: Why is FictionPress being abandoned?

Question 55: Does a real person administer the site, or is it computer generated?

Question 56: Do you update this computer regularly? ...Oh, wait.

Every second, the user finds another question to ask. So, the next question is: Who wants to place bets for when the site will get fixed? I bet 3 Review Game Forum standard Easy Fix reviews! Place your bets!

This story will be updated daily for the amusement of the FictionPress users and the general public. Should this story be removed for violation of TOS, then so be it – at least I tried to entertain the general public. :) For those who wish to take this story seriously, I have no power to stop you and your perspective. Use this story with caution. For more information concerning these questions (read important people to contact regarding the problems noted), please send me an email – the link is in my profile. :D

That being said, please enjoy!