Cold blood is surrounding me.

I'm sinking,
I can't move,
I can't breathe,
And I can't see.

My body is unconscious,
But I can hear voices
And I can feel immense pain.

But all of a sudden,
A light appears,
Far away in the distance,
Calling me.

I still can't move,
I still can't breathe,
And I'm still sinking.

The pain is unbearable
And I cannot endure it anymore.
This is the end,
I think to myself.

Am I really going to die like this?
The light becomes closer now, brighter.
Blood is still surrounding me, cold and still.

A shiver goes down my spine
As I keep sinking,
As the light moves toward me,
And as the pain increases.

My lungs are on fire,
My body is freezing,
And the voices are louder than ever.