Pure Spirits

Chapter 1: The Wandering Knight

Istao remembered the slums where he grew up as a kid. After the war with the Iksars, his hometown became desolate and barren. Shar Vahl, a city of Kerrans, cat people. Istao had a cheetah fur coat, spotted light brown and gold. On his head he had jewelry, that marked symbols of the Sun. On his right ear, a blue hoop earring that symbolized the moon, which is where Shar Vahl was located, the moon of Luclin. On his back, he wore a dirty cloak, and carried with him a rubber dagger, to make him feel like a progressing knight.

Occasionally, on his patrolling through the slums, he finds orphans to play with and give food to, young kerran. Istao was always on the lookout for any insurgents or uprisings against the city. Today was no different then the rest...

Istao was patrolling the northern slums, along the merchant streets and the gate out to Shadeweaver's Thicket. Everything seemed to be fine, so he patrolled to the south, going past the castle and down to the next slum area, where there were more merchants and orphans playing around.

Little did he know, a fellow Kerra was watching him from up top a merchant building. A female, wearing a brown robe and a staff. Ruby jewels were strung in her light brown lynx fur on her head. Her blue eyes like the ocean locked onto Istao, watching him moving through the slums...

Something was a miss here in Shar Vahl, but Istao was trained enough to take on anything that lay in his path! Istao, the Kerra knight, would stop at nothing to defend his people!