a/n: this is a poem I wrote for my mom, so please don't use it by copying it and pasting it somewhere without my permission. Message me. Lastly, I realized that rhyming is quite hard for me... I don't see how Dr. Seuss did it. :]

Devoted Love Note

By naningxoxo

With this amateur jumble of phrases
I hope to convey my heart's many faces

How I feel for you and my need,
have flourished from one single seed

The care and love you implanted in me,
have blossomed from roots to form a tree

A tree nurtured with devotion, kindness, and patience,
has finally sprung up smoothly in perfect cadence

For so long, with each passing day,
in mere words, I've been dying to say

"I appreciate you, mum",
you're my heart, my emblem

Because you hug me, love me, and care
with every word, glance, and stare

Despite the countless times we've argued
my heart still bursts with love renewed

"I'm sorry" is a phrase I've always meant
to express my genuine, earnest intent

I never mean to hurt you in the least,
for your pain creates an untamable beast

When you cry, I begin to ache
I want to erase my stupid mistake

You are such a remarkable woman; you deserve no less
than my respect, comfort, and complete success

From here on now, I heart fully promise to be
the simple, sweet, little girl you wanted in me

"Happy Mother's Day" from your darling daughter,
whose life only needs you and three cups of water