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"So tell me again why we're going to the beach today?" I asked her, "Just because we've been bestfriends since highschool doesn't entitle you to boss me around, Honey."

She whipped around and faced me indignantly, "Of course not Jay! How can you say that? I'm not bossing you around."

I laughed, she made quite a picture, hands akimbo and her messy blonde curls hair moving with the wind. She looked perfection in all her 5-foot-nothing glory. "Of course you weren't. I'd never be whipped by a girl as short as you are."

She rolled her eyes, after five years of bestfriend-ship, she was used to me teasing her shortness.

"And don't make a comment about the weather up here, Honey." I interrupted before she could. It was one of her very few comebacks, God help her.

Letting out an annoyed breath, she satisfied herself with poking me in the chest. "Shut up, Jay." Then she looked around and brightened, "Come on, the beach is getting packed." She then proceeded to hurry away to find a good spot.

I followed her, but she was quicker, given her height and small frame, "Wait for me Honeybun, it's hard to find your head. Everyone's towering over you." I heard her make a disgusted sound, and a grumble of, "Stop embarrassing me in public, Jason."

Giving up trying to find her among the sea of people, I headed to our usual spot. It's been our spot for five long years, she wouldn't change it now. Honey was a pretty constant and steady girl.

Finally emerging from the crowd, Honey glared at me in shock, "Well, that's ironic. I thought I'd get here faster." Then she added, her curiosity getting the better of her, "Jay, how did you get here so fast? Weren't you right behind me?"

I smirked at her, "I'd tell you how, but it wouldn't work on you, seeing as how you're vertically challenged."

She hesitated for a moment, then settling on a comeback, she stuck her tongue out, "What did you do? Do pull-ups on people's shoulders?"

Fleetingly, I thought about how her tongue would taste. As quickly as the thought came, I snapped out of it quicker. Honey didn't need me to be attracted to her. She's been counting on pure platonic friendship for me for five damn years. If I had known how steady she was in her relationships with people, I never would've been her friend first. Hell, I would've just asked her out upfront and get over with. But no, I decided to take it slow because she was special. Look where that has got me. "Ha, good one Honeybun." I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close, "The best one so far."

She stuck her tongue out again, "Whatever Jay, let's get back to the point of our trip, all right?"

I sighed, "Are we stalking Matt again?"

"We're so not stalking him Jason. We just happen to be conveniently where he is on Thursdays."

Moving together as we sat down on the picnic blanket, Honey went through the motions of preparing our picnic lunch. It was nothing much really, standard fare. There were 1 and a half grilled cheese sandwiches for Honey, and a big and chunky chicken sandwich for me. I grinned at her as I grabbed the sandwich, "Did I ever mention you're my favourite cook?"

"Jason Gardiner, flattery will get you nowhere with me."

"Oh, my heart, I think it is breaking, cruel woman." I mocked.

She laughed at me and positioned herself comfortably next to me, which was also a convenient position for her to observe Matthew Davies without looking too obvious. I hated how our only day together became the official Matt-stalking day. We've been stalking him for nearly two months now, and I don't know how long I can take it. (Correction, she's been stalking. While I've been watching her stalk him. In a sense, I'm stalking her stalking him.) I've watched her throughout our five years together go through two "serious" boyfriends. Hell, if they've been serious they wouldn't have let her go. She's special, dammit. But in a sense, I was glad they didn't notice it. Otherwise, I would've been the poor single bestfriend in their party for two. Hell, I am the poor single bestfriend, who is pining for a girl who doesn't know. And really, who the hell pines?

I felt a soft nudge on the ribs, "You're thinking,"

I looked at her, "Well duh, Honeybun. Just because I am more endowed vertically, doesn't mean my cognitive ability was lessened. I'm pretty sure we're the same on that sense."

"Gardiner, I'm smarter than you are."

I gave her a tight smile, if she was smart, she would've figured out my feelings by now. "No, not really."

She looked surprised. Realizing that I let my feelings show, I laughed, "Just kidding, Honeybun. Of course you are." I needed to get out of here. I needed a little breather between her and me, just for a few minutes.

Valentine's Day was coming up way too soon for me to be comfortable. I promised myself three years ago that I'd stop this madness, that I'd stop hurting myself and hoping for her love, if she still didn't notice and realize how deeply I felt when we reached our five year mark. But hell, our fifth Valentines Day was coming in two weeks. Plus, I never wanted to stop loving her. Even from afar.

I remember clearly the first time I saw her, crying on her way to the women's washroom. I had just finished soccer practice, and I was baffled by why she was crying. A pretty girl like her, crying on Valentine's Day? I mean yeah, she was shorter than most. But that's a dumb reason. Because my locker was a few feet away from the women's washroom, I waited for her. It was a really weird feeling, but seeing her crying awoke an unusual feeling in me. I felt the need to protect her, to no longer make her cry. And yeah, I also thought she was cute while she cried.

So I collected the roses that I got from Student Council, who were probably from the Grade 9s who kept giggling whenever I walked by them in the cafeteria. Like come on. Anyway, I gathered the roses and waited for her to come out. Which, looking back, seems kind of creepy. But whatever, I'm glad that now we're friends. So creepy or not, it all paid off in the long run.

When she came out, I said hey. She looked at me doubtfully, her red-rimmed eyes making me feel even worse.

"Hey, have this." I said as I gave her the impromptu bouquet.

She gave me a small smile, "I think you mean well. But, really, I don't need your pity."

I ran a hand through my hair, "I didn't mean it that way. But, I'd really be happy if you took these flowers. Because, I don't know what I'd do with them."

She thought for a moment, and then said matter-of-factly, "So either you're giving it to me, or to the trash can, is that it?"

"Yeah!" Realizing that I made it sound like giving the roses to her was like dumping it, I added quickly, "Well, not like that. But…"

She smiled slightly, a real one, not forced, and it made me like her even more, "Okay Gardiner, we're going to dump these roses in the trash." I probably look bewildered by her response because she laughed, "I'm not crying because it's Valentine's and no one likes me. There are other things going on with my life right now."

I wasn't going to make her look like an idiot by asking how she knew my name. I'm aware that I'm one of the good soccer players in our school, plus I liked getting good grades and getting into Honour Roll. So either she knew me because of athletics or academics, it didn't really matter much. What I knew though was I wanted to spend Valentine's with her, which was really weird. "So are you doing something tonight?"

She gave me a reproachful look, "What is this? A hit and run? Meet and date? Wine, dine, sixty-nine?"

I'm pretty sure I looked as baffled as I felt because she looked at the floor and muttered a sorry. "Hey, no big." I said, "People do talk. But no, it's not that. I don't know, I just feel like hanging out with you. Also, I'm a nice guy."

"Nice guys finish last," She replied with a smirk, "And I don't think you're the kind of guy to finish last."

I shrugged, "We'll see,"

She looked surprised at my reply then, and she looks surprised now. "Are you okay Jason? You're spacing out to the great beyond. Are you sure you're okay?"

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, "I'm fine, I just need to go get something from the car, okay?"

She searched my eyes for a moment and then agreed, "Keep safe, Jay."

Keep safe, I muttered darkly to myself when I eventually came back after clearing my thoughts. She was talking to none other than Matthew Davies, looking animated and adoring. She definitely wasn't keeping safe. If it was even possible, Honey smiled wider when she saw me, "Jay, guess what?"

Oh no. This really didn't bode well. "What?" I asked her, while nodding to Davies.

"Matthew invited us to the musical their organization is presenting on the 13th." She grinned, "And guess what it is?"

I pretended to think, when all I really wanted to do was to take her away from Davies. She's going to gush about him all night now… maybe even the whole month. "I don't know, what?"

She swatted me playfully on the arm, "It's South Pacific silly, your favourite."

I grunted.

Davies smiled at us, "I'll be playing Emile."

Sure he would. Nodding noncommittally, "Thanks for the invites,"

"No problem." He continued, "My girlfriend, Maria, who's in your Drama class told me about you. She mentioned how you're minoring in Drama, while majoring in Math. I'd say you're a pretty cool guy."

"Of course he is!" Honey exclaimed. "He's the best, and he's my bestfriend!"

Way to make it clear to Davies that she and I weren't together. I smiled a little at Davies, "Yeah, well, thanks."

"So I'll see both of you at the musical then?"

Honey laughed, "Of course, we wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Driving back to our houses that night, Honey kept talking about the musical. How excited she was, and happy I must be to see my favourite musical. She muttered something about how annoying it was that Davies wasn't single, but it was no matter since she heard that Maria was a great girl. It took a lot of effort to stop myself from kissing her senseless so she wouldn't talk anymore.

The 13th dawned bright and early. Tomorrow would be the 14th. The last day I'd officially love Honey. Much as I hated to stop loving her, enough is enough. I love her, but I'm only a 20-year-old guy, who wasn't involved with anyone for five years.

I went to the library so I could finish doing most of research for my Drama essay due on Wednesday. I had to write a ten-page essay about romance plays from the last decade. This would've been easier if I had a girlfriend, or broken-hearted. Being in between gives me no inspiration to write about love.

I didn't realize I was in the library long enough until I felt my cellphone vibrate. Text from Honey: Hey, I'm getting ready now. Come pick me up in an hour. Thanks Jay!

Shit, clearly I was drowning in my misery because I didn't even do a lot. Well, at least I did something. (And yeah, she's one of the few people who insist in writing properly while texting. Not one for shortcuts is my Honeybun.)

Getting ready quickly wasn't too bad. I got back to my house in 10 minutes, got ready in 20, and drove to Honey's in 15. Seeing as how I had 15 minutes to waste, I decided to drop by the florist a minute-walk away from Honey's rented house. Buying a bouquet of assorted roses, I was quickly reminded of the first time I met Honey. And how tomorrow would be the last time I'll love her. Gah, I'd probably spend my whole life getting over her, but whatever. At least I'd be slightly moving forward from this state that I've been in for five years.

Honey opened the door, her face half done. "Jay, why are you always so early. As you can see, I've only done my eye make-up for one half of my face." Seeing the roses she squealed, "Oh thank you! It reminds me of the first time we hung out."

I snorted, "You looked like a monstrosity then, you look worse now. A half-faced vertically challenged woman."

"Just because you're almost 6 feet," she grumbled good-naturedly. "Anyway, I'm going to get ready. Make yourself at home. The other girls are out."

I was happily snacking on the grapes in her living room when I heard her call out, "Jay, I need help."

She smiled at me bashfully as I walked up the stairs, "Can you zip me up?"

I nodded, swallowing. She looked magnificent, beautiful, heartbreakingly gorgeous. I don't know how to describe the dress, all I know was that she was… she was just beautiful, making me love her even more. When I finished zipping her up, I rested my hands on her waist, "You look beautiful, Honeybun, " I whispered huskily into her ear, and I felt her shiver.

She was looking at our reflection in the mirror, and I don't know what she was thinking, but I definitely wasn't thinking very PG right now. We stayed like that for I don't know how long. It felt long to me because the moment was special, but love distorts our abilities. Eventually she murmured something about getting her shoes. I struggled to control my emotions and be back to normal Jason, her bestfriend.

I went downstairs and she smiled at me tentatively, "Hey,"

I grinned as normally as I could, and I guess it looked fine, because she visibly relaxed. "I'm so glad you're with me."

I mentally kicked myself for making her uncomfortable. "Are you ready?"

"Ready when you are, Jason," She grinned and we walked out to my car together.

The play was great so far. The songs, the acting, and everything, they were really good. Honey was blooming with excitement. I took her hand in mine, playing with her fingers. It was something we normally did. Playing with each other's hands was comfortable. And it was one of the times I could show her I loved her, or at least, I could show her hand that I loved her wholly. Whatever.

Soon enough, Nellie came in to sing Honey Bun. Honey didn't know this, but I call her Honeybun because of this song. The song seemed like it was made for her. I mean yeah, it's ridiculous, and I guess slightly ironic, that the song that reminded me of my great love for her was a funny song, but whatever.

For the first verse, Honey was laughing at Nellie and the lyrics. I was laughing along too, because Maria was doing such a great job of being Nellie, totally opposite from her normal demure self in class. Thing is, the song has barely begun. I'm almost afraid to see Honey's reaction to the song.

A hundred and one pounds of fun, that's my little honeybun.

Get a load of honey bun tonight.

I felt her hands still. She looked at me, all in wonder.

I'm speaking of my sweetie pie,

Only sixty inches high,

Ev'ry inch is packed with dynamite!

Her mouth made a small O, and murmured, "I'm 101 pounds and 5 feet nothing…"

"5 feet is 60 inches," I murmured automatically. This is what happens when you major in Math.

Her hair is blond and curly,

Her curls are hurly-burly

Her lips are pips!

I call her hips, "Twirly" and "Whirly"

Touching her hair, she was no longer looking at Maria. She was simply looking at me, searching my eyes for I don't know what. Much as I would have liked to look away, afraid of what she'd think when she'd find the love in my eyes, I couldn't tear myself away from her gaze. Dammit, I do want her to know. I just didn't expect it would be this difficult.

She's my baby, I'm her pap!

I'm her booby, she's my trap!

I am caught and I don't wanna run

'Cause I'm havin' so much fun with honey bun!

She touched my shoulder, and whispered, "Five years?"

The ability to speak had magically left me when I needed it most, so I simply nodded.

"Oh, I can't believe you!"

I stiffened.

And then she laughed, "Jason. Jay. Oh my god. I never expected…"

It was one thing to be surprised, but to be laughed at? I pushed her gently away, "It's okay Honey, whatever. I'll live."

Then she was then suddenly angry at my reaction, "You are so stupid! Are you kidding?" Seeing my utter confusion and lack of desire to analyze things right now, she continued, "I really really like you too." And then she smiled mysteriously. "Maybe I even love you,"

I heard the Maria sing the last verse, and I just didn't care anymore. This was our song. And hell, public place or not, I'm going to kiss my Honeybun.

"You're very bad when you're stressed Jay, you think out loud." She murmured with a chuckle as she put her arms around me.

"I am caught and I don't wanna run, 'cause I'm having so much fun with honeybun," I sang along, and then I pressed my lips against hers.

So I guess nice guys do sometimes finish last, but damn, was this worth it.

"I'm sorry for thinking that you weren't a nice guy," she murmured.

"Who'd finish last?" I asked in wonder, how did she know what I was thinking?

"Yeah," Giving me a happy smile, "You and I, we think alike. You might be significantly taller, but our brains aren't that different."

I laughed, wrapping an arm around her, "Only you would bring in brain sizes while talking about love."

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