Hey everyone!

Unfortunately, this isn't a continuation of the story… (Booo)

But it's an alert for the contest I said I was joining – the Ridiculously Happy Oneshots Contest

Please go to annoyance's profile. I posted the link on my page. The poll is on her page, and you can vote for three stories! Isn't that fun?

You can find all the stories on annoyance's C2.

But here's the list of participants:

This is the official list of all particiapants of the Ridiculously Happy Oneshots Contest.

The Official List (in order of submission)

Screw Girl Code by Nemo Forevermore

Chain Lock by x-LlOVe

Not Such a Shutout After All by hyacinthgirl18

Branded by Ravina

Nancy and Ike by Erisah Mae

Amusement Park Stalkers by MorbidAngelXxX

Maybe by Suddenly Lauren

James Wants A Puppy by Jesra14

Waking Up in Vegas Married by outspoken-ryn

Jordidoon meets Chocoholic by Reb Loves books

Perfect Fit by Lost Down Under

Happy Birthday by cara410

The Summer of Austen by White Rose Blossom

Keep Your Coat On by Pinkamoo

Honeybun by angelbymistake

Why Not by Lilith Rei

Free Coffee by paraNormal

Mr Umpire by The Perfect Verse

Thanks for the revies and the favourite adds! *blushes* You're all awesome.

Thanks guys! Have a great day! (Lol, I sound like a salesperson... Thank you for shopping, have a great day! lol - except I'm sincere! =) )