As Allison gazed at her long, blood red nails, her mind travelled back through time to that fateful night when she became what she had become. She and her friend Alex had been with a group of rowdy, drunk teenagers out for a laugh. When she thought of it, it really was ironic. She had never really even liked anybody in that group. She had just been with them that night because they were going the same way as she and Alex was. Maybe if she had just kept away - just her and Alex walking by themselves - maybe . . . Oh, what did it matter. It was far too late to do anything about it now. But, still, she couldn't forget, wouldn't forget. No, she would never be able to forget the moment when her life tok that drastic turn.

Alison and Alex were walking along Old Creek Avenue with a bunch of people from school when they came to a old Victorian house. And not just any old Victorian house. A haunted old Victorian house. That's what everyone said anyway.

Without realizing it, the large group had stopped to stare at the monstrosity. "You know what'd be funny? If we got some good little boy and girl to go in and climb up to the tower." Slurred one of the boys, snickering. They had been drinking, and most of them were drunk.

"Yeah. But, gee, where would we find two little goodies on a night like tonight." Another agreed, looking mischievously in the direction of Alex and Alison. "Oh, I know!" His face brightened mockingly. "Alison and Alex!" As if everyone didn't know by then.

"Um, what? What?! Um, no. I don't think so." Alison said, coming out of trance she had fallen into while staring fixedly at the house. "I don't just trespass on other people's property and break into their houses."

"Oh, come on. Alex? You're man enough aren't you?" One of the girls taunted. "You're not afraid Count Dracula's going to come out and suck on your neck, are you?"

"No," he replied shakily. "It's just, um, trespassing. Like Alison said. Its not our property, and we have no right to be on it." Alex couldn't stop his hand from trembling, his voice from cracking. There was just something about that house, something... evil.

"Hmm. Law abiding citizens. Also known as chickens." The girl said, erupting in drunken laughter with her friends between taunts of 'chicken' and 'brruuaack'.

Allison, who had always had a volcanic temper and who hated to be taunted, slapped the girl across the face with enough force so that the head snapped to the side. Alex, also known for his hot temper, was on almost on top of one of the guys, his eyes revealing rage.

"Fine. Whatever. Come on Alex." Allison said, taking the flashlight in one hand while dragging Alex off the boy with the other.

The door opened with a satisfying groan, and the two seventeen year olds crept in past the porch and into a giant room all the while disturbing centuries old dust and sending Alex into a fit of coughing. Cobwebs coated every inch of the black walls and the windows where covered in a layer of grime and surrounded by heavy black curtains. A flight of dust covered stairs off tho the far side of the large room led the way to the second floor and . . .

Ah! The stairs! They didn't lead to the second floor! They led to the tower! Allison thought. "Alex?" She whispered, though she didn't know why. "Lets take the stairs. Not the ones we seen by the porch, though. Those, over there. That should take us to the tower!" She said, pointing despite the fact that Alex could obviously see.

"It's as good a place as any, I guess." Replied Alex, starting up the stairs with his long time friend. "They feel like they're going to collapse beneath us."

No sooner had the words come out of his mouth when the stairs collapsed, sending Alex and Allison tumbling down through the darkness. Somehow in the fall, both had become unconscious.

Allison opened her eyes to darkness. For a moment she thought she might still be asleep, but then her eyes adjusted and she could vaguely see odd shapes in the corners of the room. How did she get here anyway? Oh. She remembered the stairs collapsing and then falling. Funny. She didn't remember hitting her head.


Allison jumped, hearing the moan.

"Did anyone get the number of that truck?"

Allison relaxed when she realized the moan had come from her friend. "I guess falling though a flight of stairs is just about as painful as getting hit by a truck. Maybe." Allison looked above her head expecting to see a gaping hole. Instead, she saw unbroken rafters.

"Um, Alex? Didn't we fall though the stairs?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Because there's no hole. Look." She said pointing.

"Oh. Huh, weird." Alex stated.

"Let's get out of here." Allison said. She started to stand up, but sat back down when a wave of dizziness overcame her and something trickled down her neck. Gingerly, she reached up and touched the thick liquid. When she realized that she wouldn't be able to see what it was, she tasted it. Blood! She must have cut her neck in the fall, though considering the cut's position, it didn't seem very likely.

Alex, who was already standing, held his hand out to help her up. He pulled her to hard though and she fell against him, her arms draped around his neck. She quickly pulled away, her hands covered in warm liquid.

"You've got a nasty cut on your neck, Alex." She pointed out simply. "Weird. It's in almost the exact same place as mine."

"Do you still have the flashlight?" Alex asked, oblivious to her concern. "We could really use one right now."

Allison groped around the floor for the flashlight. "I can't find it." She said in frustration.

"I think I might still have my keys." When Allison questioned him, he explained that he had a mini flashlight keychain. He flipped on the light and the room brightened. The two teens looked confused around the room.

"There aren't any doors! And where's the hole we fell through?" Allison said, to her surprise getting angry. "How the hell did we get here."

"I brought you here." Said a strange, oddly deep voice.

Allison stifled a scream. "What the hell . . . Who are you?"

The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows. He was gorgeous. Hair that fell slightly over his eyes, which were a mystifying gold, lips to die for. He looked about seventeen or eighteen. "Andre." He said. "Sorry about your, um, injuries. I was in the mood for a snack."

Thinking she had heard him wrong, she decided to ignore that remark. She was to caught up in looking his lovely chest that showed beneath his open black shirt. Fortunately Alex, who had been silent since the stranger showed, asked the question that they both wanted, needed to ask.

"How do we get out of here?" He asked, the note of anger in his voice undeniable. And what, by the way, do you mean "I brought you here'."

"Well, I took you out from beneath my stairs - by the way, I didn't appreciate the trespassing - and brought you to my, well, bedroom. I'd like you to meet someone. This is Dominesco." He says of the woman now at his side. "My sister. Now. Getting down to buisness. Anyone that dares come in to our home must have been mentally strong enough not to get scared off by the aura of the house itself, and physically strong enough not to pass out immediately from the sleeping gas we use to keep away trespassers. We were going to kill you, but decided instead to turn you. Make you one of us.

"Um, what." Allison said. She was still transfixed on Andre's eyes.

"I guess the sleeping gas got to their heads." Dominesco snickered. "Maybe we should just drink they're blood. Although that boy is very, very cute."

"No. They will be turned. We've been waiting too long to find someone strong enough!" Andre said sharply.

"Wait a second. Hold it." Allison said, finally breaking out of her trance. "What the hell are you talking about. Drinking blood. Turning. I want answers now."

Andre looked over at Dominesco, and in silent agreement, both started toward the two unsuspecting teens. Andre reached over and jerked Allison toward him, while Dominesco grabbed Alex. He bent back her head and gently bit into her neck. She struggled furiously as he started to drink her blood, but her fight was in vain. As the blood drained from her body, she slowly succumbed to the world of the unconscious. The last thing her living eyes beheld was Alex slumping down next to her.

"Wake up."

"Unh." Allison groggily replied.

"You have to wake up or you'll die!" The voice was firm and urgent. "Wake up."

That woke her up. But before she could sit up, something was pressed against her lips and warm liquid drained onto her tongue. The liquid was sweet and thick as it rolled down her throat. When she realized that she was drinking blood, she pushed away the arm at her mouth. But it was far too late. Allison tried to spit out any remaining blood that was in her mouth, but found that she couldn't do anything as her body started to die.

The pain was almost unbearable. Every breath caused her lungs to shudder uncontrollably. Her heart sped up and then slowed and finally stopped. Yet she was not dead. In fact, she felt stronger.

It was then she remembered Alex. "Alex? Are you still here?"

"Yes, he's still here. He's alive. Well . . . As alive as he can be." A voice soothed her. "Now go to sleep. You need your rest before you hunt."

Allison relaxed and fell into a long, fitful sleep. She dreamed of Andre and his weird sister, of blood and horror, and of the night.

Allison awoke the next night on a feathery bed. Not that she would have been able to tell whether it was night or day anyway, with the heavy black curtains covering the window. The room smelled of dust and mildew, and, oddly, of something else. Something unnatural.

"I was wondering when you'd wake up."

Allison was startled at the sound of the voice. Then she remembered what had happened the night before. How Andre had drained every drop of blood from her body, and how he had fed her more blood, his own, from his wrist. And then she remembered Alex.

"What have you done with Alex?" She screeched. "Where is he? Is he hurt?"

"Alex is fine. Now let's go eat." Andre said. "If you don't eat, you'll die. At the risk of sounding corny, you are one of us now. A creature of the night. A vampire."

It took Allison a few moments to comprehend this bit of information. But somehow, she knew that there was truth in the words of the gorgeous boy sitting on the far side of the room.

"And Alex?" She asked, though she already knew the answer.

"He is also one of us." The old vampire said cautiously. "We never hurt him."

"No. You only killed him. And me." Allison stormed angrily. "Why'd you do it? Huh? Was it really necessary?"

"We didn't kill you. And yes it was necessary. Because if we hadn't turned you, we would have had to kill you. We don't just let people want into our house whenever they want to. But if they do, we do something about it. Now get up. We're going hunting.

At that point Allison was tired and hungry enough so that she just followed Andre out into the summer night . . .

That was over 50 years ago. 50 years ago tonight that she had become a creature of the night. She looked exactly now as she did then, well, maybe a little better. She met with Alex every night now, though they were still nothing more than good friends. They had adapted well to their new lives, and had left their bitterness behind.

"You ready?" It was time again for the hunt. She still hated it; tonight she would have to take some other innocent life, leave someone to die.

"Aren't I always?" She responded. That was one other difference. She should have hated Andre, but instead had fallen in love with him. She followed him into the warm summer night as she had done for the past 50 years, as she knew she would again. After all, if she ever wanted to change or do something different, she had eternity.