Chapter 1: Dreams and Eyes

"Come here," said a voice: huskily, gently, and pleadingly. The response was hesitation, resistance and a touch of rejection in the shift of proximity between the pair. For an eternal moment, tension swallowed everything. Then, without the slightest hint of a warning, a pair of lips crushed another, and a ravenous tongue explored an unwilling mouth.

Pat sprung up from his bed with eyes wide and alert, beads of sweat dribbling down his the sides of his face. In the darkness his hands groped—feeling around until coming in contact with cold metal. Squinting partially in pain, Pat reads the figures on the screen: '3:00, damn! That was some nightmare…and lately it has been playing on repeat I would rather be stabbed by Freddy! Maybe if it was a little different...' He murmured inaudible words to him self and then shook his head in some form of reassertion. It didn't matter what kind of dream it was after all. His only wish was to sleep undisturbed, but first, a trip to the bathroom—and maybe the kitchen. Somehow, he was left with a craving for something, and he didn't know what.

"Eww Pat! I wished you'd swallow a fly!" Lauren teased flicking her best friend's jaw.

Pat's eyes sharpened in response, his mouth continuing to stand agape in an O shape. His companion rolled her eyes, sitting down and pulling him down with her onto the seat beside her.

"I know you find Teshia helluva attractive, but please… spare me, kay?"

"Yeah, whatever. So, how have you been?"

"Unlucky as ever, you?"

"Same old. Still having those dreams."

"Those same ones? Aww who knew Pat was so afraid of a kiss?"

"It's not that," Pat protests, "It's… never mind." As he said this, he turns his head and attention all the way to the other side of the cafeteria, catching a pair of unexpected eyes. His eyebrows drooped and he scratched his head. 'Must be imagining things,' he reassures him self, and shrugs it off. Still, many questions buzzed around in his head.

"Hello? Pat? Pat? Pat!"

"Uh, right, what were you saying, Lauren?"

"Geez, you've been such a space case lately! I swear this whole time I've been talking to a wall!"

A small chuckle escaped Pat. Lauren didn't know how right she was.