Over and Over
By LoveIsCruel

In love for the first time
Young, foolish
Barely even five
Only puppy love

Yet when he left
I realized my lies to myself
I had really loved him
Ripped apart once

The second time
More real, more sincere
Older; almost nine
In love for real

I gradually got over him
Left him softly
Let my emotions carry me elsewhere
Yet still ripped open again

Time three

Maybe lust

Only lasted a week

Separated forever

Only a week, that's all I had
Before I knew it
He was off at a different school
Ripped apart even more

Fourth time
True love I sought
Finally found my soul mate
He repaired me

But, alas, only at summer camp
I was ten, old enough to feel true love
Yet he lives a hundred miles away
Separated for a year, shattered to pieces

Fifth time

I was unsure, insecure
Afraid of more heartbreak
But he still found me; repaired me again

I knew he would only last so long
This time I felt true heartbreak
He loved another girl, not me
This time, I'm shattered beyond repair

In love five times
Only three were true
One was the truest
Yet all broke me in a way

I have learned never to trust
My heart has been shattered
Pieces spread across the state
Crying myself to sleep

Second was true
Fourth was truest
Fifth was longest and truer than true
All left me broken

Now I can't breathe
Can't feel a thing
Bleeding internally
Never to trust again

And, most of all,
Shattered to a million pieces
Over and over