Always I lounge
Wondering at my teeth
And if they were as clean as the white of my eyes
Could I pluck them from my mouth
Placing them in the night sky to make a new constellation
Or tying them to wedding dresses
False pearls flaunted across some brides body

Or perhaps if my hair was skewed
And the world viewed it in a shade of red
Might it pour out from the bodies of murdered woman
Clutching their infants wrapped in waves of my locks
If it could become the apple drizzle
Sticky sweet crawling down the mouth of the biter
Or the fire between a pair of lovers
Might I braid it into a flag
Refusing surrender to the opposition
To the enemy
Even the imaginary
And vacant

Instead my teeth cage my tongue
And my hair falls across my chest
Erasing my memory of what I must look like

Above all else
My mind swims towards the veil
A beautiful curtain woven from truth
As it appears to be to those who don't know
Those with expectations and ideals
Sewing pennies to their eyelids pretending they have dimes
Melting down all the unneeded edges of my existence
Until I'm perfectly rounded

And yet I still hide
My body fragmented and pieced back together
Into a new creation
Where my dirty dreams are sleeping on a couch
Waiting for me to climb upon them
And string my kisses from one hand to another
Curling my hair and calling it poetry
Draining my skin and naming it nectar
Succulent like cradles of children beneath the sun

But most of all I seek him
With his palms turned up into a bowl
Carefully keeping my liquid form within his grasp
Or softly soaked across the landscape of his skin
Knowing my all

And still
Love breathes from his rivets
A floating high suspending my existence

Sometimes the sublime
Is all I choose to comprehend