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"Alice," I moaned, "You know I don't like shopping!"

"Come on, Jo! Please! I need new shoes! My other ones are so last year!" She said, shocked. I would say she's faking it, but she really really isn't.

"Alice! I-I can't! I've got, meet...Josh! Yeah, I said I'd hang out with him tonight! You know, bond and what not," I lied. Please believe me, please believe me, please believe me...

"I so don't believe you," Alice said, pouting. Uh oh, she won't will she? Oh no...oh, now that's just cheating! She knows I can't resist puppy dog eyes! Damn it!

I childishly closed my eyes and refused to look at her. Unfortunately, we were walking down the corridor at school, so that wasn't the wisest thing I've ever done.

I walked into someone and all their books and everything went flying. The person landed on top of me, hard.

"Ow," I groaned. I think I bruised my back or a rib. That sucks.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going," a male voice on top of me said.

"Nah, it's alright I had my eyes closed," I said sheepishly. I opened my eyes and stared straight up into green ones.

"Oh my God, Jo! Are you dead? Do you need to go to the hospital? Oh, my God! Do you have a concussion? Are you-"

"Alice! I'm fine. A little bruised, but OK none the less," I interrupted. Damn, she is so dramatic.

"Hey! Get of off my sister!" another voice shouted. Next thing I knew the weight on top of me disappeared and about eight faces crowded my vision.

"Jo, are you alright?" Will asked. I sighed an nodded, making a move to get up. Unfortunately, about eight sets of hands pushed me back down.

"Maybe she has a concussion," Steve stated.

"What if she broke something?" Tom said.

"Shit! Mum and Dad are gonna kill me if she has!" Josh said, his head appearing amongst the crowd.


"Guys, she's fine. She fell over, so what? She does it everyday," my new hero stated. Damn, Damien is the best friend a girl can have. Shame he's not my best friend. He leaned over me and gave me a hand up.

"About time," I grumbled. I dusted myself off and then glared at the football team.

"You guys," I said pointing at all of them, "are mental."

I looked at all of them and realised that practically the whole team was there. There was Josh (my twin), Damien (Josh's best friend), Will, Steve, Jon, Tom, Lucas, Jake, Chase and Sam. All of them were tall and well built. And all of them are my over protective big brothers. Not by blood, only Josh is by blood, but they still act like over-protective brothers.

"Come on Jo, you know we have to protect you! You're just a fragile little girl!" Jake explained, as if all that made sense. I narrowed my eyes at him and the rest of the boys took a step away from Jake.

"What did you say?" I asked calmly.

"Oh you are so dead," Sam said, patting Jake on the back in a good-bye gesture.

Jake finally realized what he said and looked scared. I smiled at him and then pounced.

"I'll show you fragile!" I shouted as I tackled him. We both fell to the floor.

And our usual battle went on like it usually did. I won, obviously. OK, I'm totally lying. Neither of us won as Josh and Damien pulled us apart. Although I can now proudly say that I gave Jake a black eye.

But he gave me quite a few bruises too. There's also a lot more rips in my jeans.

I pulled out of Josh's arms and flicked my hair out of my face. I looked down at my jeans and groaned. Damn, any more rips and I'm gonna have to throw them out. Oh well, it's not as if their actually mine.

"Hey, are you wearing MY jeans?" Josh asked, staring at my-er, HIS jeans.

"Yeah, and?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

He shook his head, "I wanted to wear them today."

Luckily, Alice chose that moment to reappear.

"Please Jo! Please!" She said. I looked at her confused. What the hell was she talking about?

"Go shopping with me!" She cried.

"No!" I screamed, running off. Okay, so maybe that was a bit dramatic, but I do NOT SHOP. At all. The only things I ever buy is food. I steal my brothers clothes and wear them. What? My mum buys me all this frilly, flowery crap that barely covers anything! And she buys me heels! Heels! I mean, come on. I am not a heels person. I wear trainers. They are safe and comfortable. Plus I can run and kick easier with them on instead of heels.

If you haven't guessed, I'm a tom-boy. In the most extreme way. I wear baggy clothes, that are always my twins, I play lots of sport and am on the guys football team. I skateboard to and from school and don't give a damn about how I look. My long red/brown hair goes down to my waist, but I usually put it up in a messy bun or ponytail. Alice thinks that I could be 'really really hot' if I put my mind to it, but I couldn't care less. And my twin is very very happy about that. My God, could imagine what he would do if I did care? Ha, he's protective enough already. As you probably guessed. Although it would be nice if Damien looked at me differently

Yep, you guessed it. I am in love with my twin's best friend. Cliche, I know. He doesn't feel the same way though. I know that for sure. He thinks of me as a little sister. It sucks.

Hmm, I probably should elaborate on what everyone looks like and stuff shouldn't I? Okay, well, here goes:

Josh: My twin, 17. Short red/brown hair, that sticks up and is always annoying me. He has dark green eyes, just like me. We are basically identical. Apart from the fact that he is a boy and I'm a girl, obviously. He's also slightly taller. By about a foot. Give or take a few inches. Which he teases about all the time. Just because he was born 10 seconds before me does not mean he's better. Jerk.

Damien: Tall, dark, handsome. Haha. No, really, he is. He has dark brown hair, that long enough to run your fingers through, but not too long to look weird or feminine. He was tall, really tall, about 6'2". Which is tall compared to my 5'5". He had dark brown eyes and sharp features. Basically he was Adonis. Seriously, he was that hot. Damn, he's is the only person I've ever thought like that about.

Anyway, moving on...


Um, okay, so I can't be bothered to describe how everyone else looks. Just think 'Super mega fit football team that are REALLY tall' and you get the basic idea.

Where in the name of french toast is my bag? Oh crap! I left it at my room...under my bed. Where it lives. Oops.

Oh well, I'll just ask my dear twin very nicely if I could borrow his books...

"No," he said not even looking up at me.

"Damn it! Please Josh! Pleeeaaassseee," I said, giving him the puppy dog look. I would just like to point out now that I am only like this with my twin. No one else. Ever. Except maybe Damien.

He looked up and then cringed, "Aw, man, not the puppy dog eyes! You know I can't resist them," He sighed and gave me a few of his books. "Give these back to me straight after class, I'll need them. Now go, before you're late."

I smiled at him and quickly ran off to class, Math. Joy.

I burst through the door and quickly ran to my seat. Don't notice me, don't notice me, don't notice me...

"Miss Bright, you're late, again," Mr Barnes said grumpily. "Detention, after school. You know where it is."

"Oi," I sighed. Josh is gonna grill me for this... Oh well, I have the power of puppy dog eyes on my side!

An hour later I ran out the room and shouted, "FREEDOM!" I seriously hate Maths.

An arm went round my waist and next thing I knew I was flung over someones shoulder.

"Hey Tom," I said to his back. "Where we going now?"

"Coach got us the rest of the day off. We have to practice for the big game on Saturday," he said, boosting me up higher and wrapping an arm round the back of my knees to stop me from falling.

Is it really bad that I'm used to this? Guys picking me up and flinging me over their shoulder, that is.

"Um, Tom? As much as I like looking at your back, do you think I could, I dunno, walk?" I asked. He chuckled and put me back down on my feet. I shook my head, "You guys..."

I turned round and started heading towards the football pitch.

10 minutes later I was changed and jogging around the pitch, racing Damien, Chase and Sam.

"I won!" I cried in victory as I collapsed on the grass, breathing hard. Josh chuckled and chucked me a bottle of water from where he was sat on the bench.

"Ow," I groaned when it hit me in the head. I grumbled but took a sip anyway. Unfortunately, seeing as I was lying down I got soaked instead. "Damn it," I muttered. I sat up and wiped my eyes. The team all burst out laughing and I glared at them.

I stood up and walked over to the football. I turned back round to face them and placed it on the ground. I took aim and kicked.

"Gah!" Most of them cried as they too got soaked. I laughed and then ran for it. What? I may look dumb but I do have SOME common sense.

"Jo! You are so gonna get it!" Josh shouted as he chased after me. I laughed and ran faster. I looked over shoulder like an idiot and ran into a body. I bounced back but was grateful when I didn't fall over. I looked up and saw Coach Leo stood there with his arms crossed. I smiled timidly and stepped back.

"Hi Coach," I said slowly.


"What the fuck is going on here?! You are here to TRAIN! Not have a childish water fight! The biggest game of your lives is on Saturday and your here fooling around!" he screamed at us, his face turning purple. This is a daily occurrence from our great Coach. The thing is though I love him to bits. He's like a second father to me. He's secretly a big teddy bear underneath all the hard outer stuff.

"Drills! Now!" He finally shouted. I hid a smile and started doing the Drills.

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