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I pushed my ear up against the door. Any minute now...

"Mother fu-!" Josh yelled from the bathroom.

I snorted and grabbed my skate board. I ran down the stairs and jumped, landing on my board and skating to school. I can't believe how stupid I was with the whole 'Be a girl' thing. Worst idea I've ever had. And embarrassing. I mean, my God, I dressed like a slut! And flirted! With guys! And I took a bath in alcohol! I mean. Christ. I'd obviously hit my head in that match.

"JO!" Alice screamed at the gate.

"Gah!" I cried. I fell off and landed on my face. "Ow..." I groaned. I sat up and rubbed cheek where I'd grazed it. "What Alice?"

"What are you wearing?" She hissed as she helped me up.

I looked down at my brothers jeans and football shirt, "Uh, clothes?"

"What happened to the plan? And why didn't you call me?!"

"Oh, the Plan. Yeah, that's over. He caught me out. And it was a crappy plan anyway. I mean, dressing up like a slut?"

"You did not dress up like slut," Alice said as we headed in. "You were being a girl for the first time in your life."

I pulled a face, "I know. It was horrible. Anyway, new plan. Good old pranks. I've already pulled one this morning."

"What one?" Alice asked curiously as we stopped at her locker. There was no point in heading to mine, as it's empty. Except I think there are some minstrels in there somewhere...

"Plastic wrap over the toilet seat," I grinned. "And I glued his trainers to the floor."

"Hey babe!" A guy sidled up beside me and wrapped an arm round my waist. "What's happenin'?"

"Gah!" I leaped away and crashed into the lockers. "Who the hell are you?"

Alice linked arms with me and forced a smile. "Oh hi, Brian. Listen, we need to get going. Talk to you later!" Alice dragged me off and I gaped at the guy.

Once we were round the corner I started to fume. "Just who was that? Who does he think he is anyway? Groping an innocent gi-"

"Uh, Jo," Alice cut in, "He's one of the guys you were flirting with yesterday."

"-rl. Uh, what? I did? Oops. What was he doing anyway? Clearly I'm not the same as I was yesterday. I mean, firstly I'm not wearing the same type of clothes. Secondly-" The bell rang. I cursed. "Damn, now I'm gonna be late for maths!"

"Don't you have football?" Alice inquired.

I hit my head. "I am so stupid! Coach is gonna kill me!" I ran off. "Bye Alice! Talk to you later!"

I banged through the doors of the gym and landed on my knees. "I'm. Here." I panted. I fell on my front and took deep breaths. Man oh man. I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life. I held up a hand, "Just. A minute." I sucked in more air and the rolled onto my back, getting up. I grinned at the team, "Hey guys."

Nearly all of them let out relieved sighs. I caught the words "dressed", "not" and "slut". Huh. Guess I know what they thought of that plan.

"OMFG! We have lucazade!" Lucacs yelled. I laughed. Good ol' Lucas.

I scratched my forehead, "Listen, guys. I wanna apologize about yesterday..."

"I should think so too," Damien scowled. I blushed and tugged at my football shirt nervously. The whole team was scowling. Although it did make me feel better that I saw relief in their eyes. Nice to know I'm liked when I'm being myself.

Coach coughed to get all of our attention. His gaze zoomed in on me and I gulped. Oh dear. This doesn't look good.

"As a punishment of being so stupid, Bright, you can do 20 laps of the field," Coach declared. I gaped at him. Twenty laps? Is he kidding me? He didn't even make Steve do that when he shoplifted! (A total accident by the way. But still...!)

I glared at the ground but nodded. Oh yay. Twenty laps here I come! Please notice the 'Sarcasm' sign I'm holding up...

I stared up at the sky numbly. Holy ducks. If you knew how big this place was, you would not be laughing about the fact that I was sprawled in the middle o f the field. After the twenty laps, Coach made me catch up what I'd missed. For the past 8 weeks.

That is a lot, I tell ya. I've done so many drills I'm not sure what's what anymore. I mean, do I still have feet? Who knows? I certainly can't feel anything down there.

Something prodded my shoulder and I glanced to my right to see Damien. Okay, so maybe I feel something down there. Hehehe...

"You alright?" He asked as he, too, looked up at the sky.

"Peachy." Oh good God, did I really just say peachy?

"Your brother asked me to take you home as he's doing rounds."

I nodded and closed my eyes. Before I could think about it I suddenly blurted, "Why'd ya do it?"

I heard Damien shift round and I glanced out of the corner if my eye that he'd turned to face me. Damn it. Cue bright red- almost glowing- cheeks...

"Do what?"

"Never mind." I sat up and scrubbed my face. No way in cheese was I gonna ask him why he walked in on me in the bath. I mean, that was weeks ago. But, I mean- Did he not notice?! I mean, there have got to be a few things he must have noticed! I AM a girl! No matter how much people muse, I am most definitely a girl! Did he not get turned on at all?!

"Uh, Jo... I am sorry that I walked in. I totally wasn't planning it or anything. It's just-" I blinked at Damien. Ah shit. I just said all of that out loud didn't I? "Yeah, you kinda did."

Oh dear lord of pillows. I think I just found a new shade of red. I jumped up and started hobbling towards my bag. "Listen, I need to stop at the grocery store so I'm just gonna walk-"

"Don't be stupid. I'll drive you." Damien jogged up besides me and grabbed my bag for me, slinging it over his own broad shoulder. "Besides, Josh will kill me if I don't drive you home. You know how we all hate you walking home on your own."

I scowled at him. "I also have a shift at the cafe tonight. So we'd better hurry."

Damien frowned as we headed towards his truck. "You've got to work? Tonight? But you've just-"

I cut him off. "Either I work or Josh and I don't eat for the next week." Okay, slight lie. We have more than enough money. But it's our parents money and I like to work.

Damien sighed but said nothing. With in half an hour I'd picked up food from the store (Man, I love steak!), taken a shower, dressed in my uniform and beaten Damien on the Xbox.

"Ow! Mother fuc-" I waved my hand in the air as I hopped over to the sink. I ran my burnt palm under the tap as I cursed the frying pan I'd dropped. Not only had I burnt myself, I'd also dropped the damn thing on my toe.

"Who the hell gave you permission to cook?" Josh demanded as he came in from the living room.

"No one. But seeing as how I have to eat before my shift in-" I glanced at the clock "-15 minutes I figured I could, I dunno, whip something up."

Josh sighed as he grabbed the burn cream from the shelf of first aid stuff. Yeah, I know. We have a whole entire shelf. Whatever. Not my fault I'm so clumsy! It's just annoying how no one else can managed to bruise a toe and burn a hand with only one inanimate object. Ha. I used the word inanimate...

Anyway, I pulled my hand out from under the running water and dabbed it gently with a tea towel before holding it out so Josh could apply the cream. I stared sadly at the egg that was now splattered on the floor. So much for a fried egg sandwich.

"Why don't you just grab something at the cafe?" Josh asked as he cleared the egg up. "In fact, why didn't you just eat steak with us?"

I shrugged, "I dunno. I love steak and all but I just fancied a fried egg sandwich."

Josh shook his head. "Only you, Jo. Only you."

I scowled at him and grabbed an apple instead. I tugged on my trainers (the only shoes I can wear without falling over in. Mostly) and grabbed my jacket. "I gotta get going. See you later, alright?"

"'Kay. We'll probably stop by later," Josh called out as I headed for the door.

I paused with my hand on the door, "We?"

"I'm coming too," Damien said from the sofa.

"Great," I muttered as I shut the door behind me.

Just what I need. The love of my life plus my twin watching me as I try not to fall while carrying a tray filled with food. Contrary to what most people believe, Josh doesn't actually visit me while a work. Only once, I think. And that was during a Saturday shift and he took me out for lunch. Actually, now that I think about it, none of the guys have visited me at work. Huh.

Well... That doesn't make me feel weird at all. Nope. Why should I feel disappointed that they haven't seen me NOT falling over?

I shook myself and headed down the street, the cold air blasting through my flimsy jacket. Man, if I'd known it was this cold out I would have worn gloves. And a scarf, hat, snow jacket and leg warmers. And about every other warm piece of clothing I own.

I crossed my arm and kept my head down as I jogged down the street. I turned left and then right, like I usually do and wouldn't you know it- I was lost.

This is so freakin' typical.

I tapped my foot as I waited for my darling brother (notice the sarcasm, please) to pick up the phone. I had no idea where I was and when I tried to retrace my steps I just got loster. Okay, so I know that's not a word but I digress. I managed to find a phone box and luckily I had some change on me.


"Oh, hi. Damien. Listen I have a problem..."

"Are you alright? Are you injured?" Damien demanded.

"No. It's just I'm kind of lost. I don't know how it happened or anything! One minute I was jogging down the road on my way to the cafe and then I turned left and right or right and- I'm not sure what way, but I got lost. Then I tried to retrace my steps and wouldn't you know- I made it worse."

"Are there any road signs around?" Damien asked with a sigh.

I looked around. "Nope."

"What about shops? Are there any around? Do you recognize anything?"

"Um... There's a barbers, a pawn shop and- Hey! I know where I am!"

"You do?"

"Yeah," I laughed. "I'm just round the corner. God, I'm an idiot. I gotta go. See you later!"

I hung up and spun round, running face first into the door. "Mother f-" I shoved the door open and then ran outside. I ran around the corner and spotted Deb's dead ahead. I can't believe I got lost- just around the corner. And Damien now knows all about it. Yay.

I shook my head again and pushed open the door.

"About time you got here!"

My head jerked up and I grinned sheepishly at Shayla, a fellow waitress. "I got lost," I said as an apology.

I headed for the back room. Unlike most cafes named 'Frank's' or 'Joe's', Deb's wasn't plastic and grubby. The floor was polished wood, with a counter at the back and then behind that was a small locker room for workers and the kitchen.

There were 8 tables altogether, not including the two small coffee tables in front of the two windows at the front. The walls were painted a cream colour, with a local artist's paintings hanging on the walls. Each table was mahogany with a white table cloth and a rose in the middle of each. There were comfy sofas and armchairs around two small coffee tables where most teens hung out.

It was cosy and we got a lot of teens who come in to hang out or do homework. You know that cafe where the Friends cast hang out? It's sort of like that. Only better because I'm nothing like Gunther. Thank God. Imagine being bald?

I gripped my own hair and shivered. Man, what a gruesome thought. I pulled off my jacket and shoved it in my locker. I grabbed my apron, tied it round my waist, grabbed my order pad and ran back out to the front.

"'Bout time you got here, girl," Debbie said from the till. "Your tables are filled to the brim."

I looked over at my tables and grimaced. Oh, great. The whole football team was here except for Josh and Damien. I am so doomed. And how the hell did they get here so quick?

"My, oh my." Shayla whistled under her breath as she placed her tray next to me, "They are some mighty fine men." She poked my arm. "How come you get all the luck?"

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a pencil from a small pot. "They aren't men. They're a pain in the ass."

Debbie and Shayla frowned at me but I ignored them and walked over to my team. "What do you guys want?" I asked cheerfully. Inside I was imagining each and every one of them getting kicked in the family jewels, but with Debbie watching I couldn't exactly do that.

"Coke, please."

"A non-fat mocha latte."


"A life."

"How about a bigger dic-"

I slapped my hand over Steve's mouth. "Do not finish that sentence." He licked my palm and I jerked my hand back, wiping it clean on my trousers. I glared at him and then wrote all their orders down.

The front door opened, letting a blast of cold air in. I looked up to see my twin and his girlfriend walk in, with Damien trailing behind them. I smiled at Jenna and motioned to a few seats that were still empty.

"Hey, Jo!" Jenna smiled back and sat down, Josh taking the seat next to her and never letting go of her hand. Aw! My twin is a sissy! Who knew?

"Hey, guys. How ya doing?"

"It's blimen cold out there," Damien muttered, kicking Sam's feet off a chair and sitting down.

"Okay. What can I get you?" I asked, tapping my pencil on the top of my pad.

"A blueberry muffin and a coke," Jenna said, smiling up at Josh. I rolled my eyes at their mushiness.

"I'll have a 7Up."

I looked expectantly at Damien as he perused the menu, "Can I have a piece of cherry pie and a cup of coffee?" I nodded and jotted it down.

"Anything else?" I asked everyone.

"Ooh, buns! I'll have one of those!"

"Me too!"


I rolled my eyes again and headed for the till, writing the new orders down. I ripped it off and set to work on collecting everything. Three trays later and no spills (ha!) I'd placed everything on the tables with a round of applause. I scowled at them. "I am capable of not falling over," I said haughtily as I flounced off. Unfortunately my graceful exit was ruined. Yep, you guessed it. I fell over.

I threw up my arms to lessen the blow only for a set of arms to wrap around my waist, stopping me mid-air. I huffed a sigh of relief and looked up at Damien. I blushed. "Thanks."

Damien shook his head with a smile, "No problem." He set me up straight and I cleared my throat, ignoring the teams laughter. I dusted myself off and headed for my other tables. I only had two, not including the coffee tables by the window. I took a few more orders, chatted to Jeff the chef (I know, I laughed too when we were introduced) and then headed back to the coffee tables where I was being hailed from.

"Jo! Can I please have another coke?"

"Me too!"


"Ditto times 5!"

I cursed them all in my head as they changed and re-changed their minds as to what they would like to order. Again.

I was heading back for the sixth time when the door opened again and in stepped the sluttiest looking girl I have ever seen. She had to be no more than 14, but she was wearing a short white leather skirt (the shiny kind) with a white, deep V shirt that showed off her belly ring. Her white blond hair was poofed up and she had at least 10 layers of make up on. I guess she likes white as she also had on white cowgirl boots.

I paused by the guys table and watched her as she scanned the cafe.

"Oh, fuck," Damien said. I glanced down at him with a frown and he shot the rest of the team frantic looks. Everyone looked uneasy and that made me frown harder. What in the name of beans is going on?

Before I knew what was happening, Damien had yanked me down onto his lap, wrapped his arm round my waist, his other hand resting high on my thigh and hid his face in my neck. I squeaked, my eyes wide and my face red.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I asked breathlessly. Oh good lord, I sounded like some hunny bun off a porno. Not that I watch porn. I'm on a football team full of guys, remember?

"Play along," Damien murmured against my ear. "That's the kid with the photo's."

"What?! No way! That's her?" I momentarily forgot what Damien was doing and faced the slut- I mean, girl- as she spotted the team and waltzed over. Oh man! When Damien told me about her I honestly thought he'd been exaggerating. I was so, so wrong. In many different ways.

"Fella's," Slut (new name for her. It suits, don't you think?) murmured silkily. Well, as silkily as a 14 year old can. The guys muttered greetings back before starting up a convo about footie and the next match that was coming up. Slut coughed to get attention and once all the guys eyes were on her, she leaned forward, showing an ample amount of cleavage. "I was wandering if you knew where my gorgeous lover is?"

I gaped at her. Gorgeous lover? WHAT?!

Jenna caught my eye and I saw the same shocked look on her own face. I gaped at her and mouthed 'Can you believe her?'

She mouthed back, 'I know! I mean, OMG!'

"You don't have a lover," my twin snapped. My gaze shot to him and dimly noticed that he was glaring. Unfortunately, Damien had regained my attention.

My blush spread down my neck as Damien shifted and whispered in my ear, "Don't draw attention to yourself. If she spots me, we're in deep shit."

I shot a glare at him even as I felt myself react in the most embarrassing way. What? Don't look at me like that! His hand is high up on my thigh! And I can feel his breath tickling over my neck, raising goosebumps and spreading down and making my-

"Thanks for dragging me into it," I hissed back.

"Don't be ridiculous Joshy," Slut simpered.

"Look," I muttered to Damien quietly, "Not that this isn't fun or anything, but how about you try to sneak into the back? Debs won't mind considering the situation."

"But how? We'd need a distraction," Damien whispered.

I smiled as a thought came to me. "How about a Jo Classic?"

Before Damien could reply I snatched up the tray I'd dumped on the table when Damien had pulled me down. "Go as soon as we're down!" I murmured to Damien. I tried to conceal the pleasure that I was already feeling at what I was about to do.

Slut lent further over the table as she flirted with my twin, much to Jenna's disgust. Not that Josh was interested anything. Please. The only thing that would be interested in Slut is... well, a man whore. Hehehe...

Slut opened her mouth to say something but I suddenly jumped up and tackled her. The tray toppled over, spilling all the drinks over us as we fell to the ground. She shrieked as coke and strawberry smoothie rained down on us. I bit back a laugh and instead changed my features to those of horror.

"Shit! I'm sorry! I tripped and-"

"Shut! Up!" She shrilled.

I leaned up on my elbows and stared down at her. I bit my lip, looking as if I was sorry but in actual fact trying not to laugh. Her face was dripping with make up and her once white shirt was stained brown and pink. "Oops?"

She shoved me off her and I stood up, wiping off some of the smoothie. I stuck a smoothie covered finger in my mouth and hummed. "Mm, that's good stuff."

The guys burst out laughing and Slut turned bright red, but because of the make up it was just streaks, making her look even funnier. She stood up and jabbed a finger at me. "I won't forget this!"

I couldn't hold it in any more and burst out laughing as she stormed out the cafe. "Haha! I can- I can just see her going- haha!- going 'I'll be back!'! Hahahaha!"

I collapsed in the empty chair and shook as I laughed. Tears were streaming down my eyes by the time I calmed down. I looked up at the guys to see similar looks on all their faces.

"Oh, that was classic," Josh said.

I nodded and grinned. "Hell yeah." I stood up and bowed. "I do believe, I am back!"

We all laughed as I turned and headed for the back where I hoped Damien was waiting.

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