Chapter four- Orange

It's so fucking cold in this room and this chair… it really sucks.

I bet this is some kind of police torture tactic, you know, freezing people and discomforting them into talking or something.

"Devyn Montgomery is it? I'm Detective Denise Colby and this is my partner, Detective Marcus Kashpaw. We just want to ask you a few questions okay?" She smiles like she's sweet but I know better.

I watch Law & Order.

"Yea, sure, it's not a problem at all. I have all the time in the world." Oh my god. I just want to go home and go to bed.

"Can you tell me where you were between ten and one in the morning tonight?" I look over at Detective Marcus and the hard glare he's sending my way is scaring the shit out of me.

"I was at the circus with a bunch of friends. We really like to watch the elephants do tricks and we always try to stick through the whole thing to see if the tigers attack the ringleader. You know, like what happened to Sigmund… or was it Freud?" I really hate myself. I mean, really, really hate myself because this would be a great time for my brain and my mouth to become best friends and work together.

"God damn it!" I jump when Marcus slams his hands down on the table and gets in my face. "Don't you know that if you just tell the fucking truth things will be a lot easier for everyone?"

"I'm sorry," I manage to squeak out because I'm scared and I really wish Chuck were here and… Oh my god! I just told the truth… Out loud! What the fuck? It…it was like my brain didn't even catch up with my mouth. What…what the hell?

They don't give me another moment to contemplate it.

"Calm down Marcus. Look, Devyn, maybe if we tell you why you're here, it will help you recall where you've been." Detective Colby smiles softly as she sits across from me but it doesn't make me feel better; especially not when Detective Marcus is sitting on the edge of the table glaring at me with his steely brown eyes.

"In the last three months, nine girls, ages 16 to 18, have been found dead. All of them were brunettes and all of them were found the same exact way: naked, raped, strangled, and with one nipple missing. They've all been found within fifteen miles of the park you were at and the first victim was even found at that park. We just found the tenth victim tonight about a block away from where you were. Now, a few people have been able to make out the silhouette of a suspicious male who fits your description: average male height, lean, and Caucasian." I watch as detective Marcus sighs and seats himself beside his partner.

All I can really think about is the face of the parents that I saw on the news the other night. Their daughter is missing and, for all I know, she's probably dead like the others. I mean, I've heard about this case on the news a lot lately. The serial killer who collects nipples as an award for what he's accomplished…

It's a fucking sad and sick story. Two of the girls even went to our school and there was this big memorial thing for the students. I think Chuck slept with one of them… Pfft, that's not saying much. Not much of the female student body he hasn't done. But I didn't know them, mainly because they were two of the many people who avoid me like the plague.

"I take it you've heard of the case?" I nod and look down at the table. "Now, would you like to tell us what you were doing between ten and one in the morning or why you were even at that park?" I can feel the two of them staring at me but I just feel sick. They're fucking accusing me of being the sick bastard who's doing all of those things…

"I… was hungry…" I'm trying to tell the truth. Really, I am. Trying to tell them how I was only out because my family is so fucking disappointing. Trying to tell them that the only reason I was even at that park is because I always go there when I'm upset.

"This isn't a fucking joke, Devyn. Look," Marcus picks up a folder from the table that I hadn't noticed before and he slams it down in front of me. "Look at these."

He opens the manila folder and slides some pictures out, directing them right in front of me and-

Oh. My. Fucking. GOD. My eyes widen significantly, and if I were standing, I would have stumbled back. Instead I just lean to the side and throw up. I've never seen a dead body before, never wanted to. Oh fuck. I couldn't even make it through the dissecting in biology without feeling queasy, so…to see this… It just makes me feel like I'm gonna faint.

"Damn it." I hear Denise move around the table but I quickly stand up and back away. I'm trembling, fucking hell, I can't…I can't just stay here. Oh God.

"C-can I make a phone call?" I manage, though my lungs are constricting and I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack, and least I think so. I've never had one because, but if I had, I imagine it would feel like this.

"Sure, kid." Denise hands me a phone, the same one they give every criminal that walks in here, and then the door opens, revealing a tall, robust, menacing figure with a potbelly and a thick mustache.

"Colby, Kashpaw, can I see you in the hall please." It wasn't really a question, but I wouldn't argue with that guy. He looks scarier than Detective Marcus.

Both of them give me this look that screams pity before they leave me in here by myself. I'm not going back over to that table. Not only are the pictures still there but the room is really starting to smell like my puke. Trust me, that's not a good thing.

I slowly pick up the phone and dial Chucks number. Just because it's on speed dial in my phone doesn't mean I don't know it by heart. He's the only person I ever really call.


"Chuck….Can you please come save me from the police station?" I sit down in the corner and stare at the mirror where I know they're probably standing around watching me.

"What? Why the hell are you at the police station?"

"Because, apparently, I'm that serial killer everyone's been talking about. You know how it goes, out for a stroll one minute and the next I'm on a killing spree." He chuckles but I want to throw up for even saying that, even if it was sarcasm. Yay for my stupid fucking disorder.

"Shit, this is messed up. You? Alright, the station is just around the corner-I'll be there in a few minutes." He hangs up and I sit the phone down beside me. I'm huddled in the corner with my knees pressed into my chest and, after about fifteen minutes, Detective Denise walks back into the room.

"Devyn," she kneels beside me and places a hand on my shoulder. "We're sorry for putting you through this. It seems as though my partner never suspected you in the first place, but he was sure you would have seen something. He's a good guy, you know, but this case has been bothering him for a while and it just makes him, well, a little upset. In any case, you're free to go but take our cards and if you see something, let us know, okay?" I just nod and stand up. I'm still a little scared, a little queasy even, but I'm glad this is all over.

But they're only letting me go because they don't have any evidence. God.

She helps me up and we walk into the hallway where Detective Marcus is standing and talking to Chuck. Chuck! I sort of quickly walk over to his side and hide behind him. That Marcus guy is still kind of intimidating… who am I kidding? He exudes intimidation.

"Devyn," Chuck smiles at me before he turns his attention back to the detective. "I was just telling the detective how sorry I was for not keeping a leash on you yet again." I glance at Marcus and he just rubs the back of his neck before kind of smiling. His kind-of-smile is… attractive. That surprises me a little.

"Sorry for putting you through all of that," He says, and I can tell he's not the type to apologize often. It seems a little strained, but still…genuine. "You… seem like a good kid and I was just hoping that you saw something."

I merely nod once in acknowledgement, because I don't want to lie to him again.

"Anyway, Denise gave you our cards so if you see anything, call. Have a good night boys." On his way by, he pats me on the shoulder and I sort of want to smile. He has big hands.

Sure, tonight's been horrible, but when he smiled… it made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Detective Marcus is rather gorgeous if I do say so myself, if he wasn't such a hard ass or didn't scare the shit out of me every time I've seen him, I might've out right drooled.

Well, that's a bit of a lie. Drooling is for losers.

Damn… don't tell me I'm gonna start lying to myself now.

"Let's go, Dev." It always surprises me when Chuck somehow can tell that I'm battling with myself inside my head and he even opts to save me from that.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day he sat me down and told me that he really is God.

"Hey, Dev, I'm sorry I about earlier. I was in a… compromising position-well, you know- but I should've noticed that something was up. What happened? I mean, you only go to the park this late when something's really bothering you." Chuck and I are sitting in his car outside of my house.

It sucks, but only because Jared's car is still there, which means that I have to wake up in the morning to see him. And he's a real douche.

"My mom was being the loving woman that she always is and Jared… well, he and I went out and tossed a baseball back and forth until the sun went down. You know, the usual brotherly love type bonding. I almost forgot to tell you that my mother made us dinner, because she loves cooking, and Sidney and I talked the entire time about how wonderful our day was as everyone else sat there and listened." I sighed and leaned my head against the window.

"That bad, huh?"

"Nope, it was just peachy," I glanced at him when I heard him chuckle. 'It fucking sucked.'

"Next time, all you have to do is tell me how fucked up everything is and I'll drop whatever I'm doing in a heartbeat. I told you, I'll always have your back no matter what. Thanks for always doing the same for me." I swear, if I'd met Chuck under different circumstances, I would probably fall in love with him.

But, because we are best friends and I've known him for as long as I have, I'm grateful that he is my friend. He always knows what to say to make things better and he's always there when I need him, unconditionally. I wish I could say the same for my biological family. God, why didn't you make Charles my one and only sibling? My mom too for that matter.

…The picture of Chuck in an apron kills.

"I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole." 'I'll always be there for you too, Chuck.' I reach over and hug him tightly, and after a beat I sit back in my seat.

"I'm glad. Do you need help sneaking in?" Chuck smiles in that way that even gives me confidence.

"Sure thing," I open my door and he ruffles my hair before I can get out of the car.

"See you tomorrow."

"Nah, I think I'm gonna be sick and I'll just stay home and hangout with Jared or Sid," as if that would ever be possible. If my mom loves me, then I'm absolutely positive that those two hate my fucking guts.

I wave goodbye to Chuck one last time before I walk to the back of the house. My room is upstairs but I like sleeping in the guess room in the basement when I come home late. It's easier for me to sneak in and out of the house when I do. I'm really the only one who has to sneak in and out because mom lets Jared get away with murder and Sidney is pretty well behaved for a teenager and follows his curfew.

I climb in through the window and stand in the middle of the room. My clothes get thrown in the corner before I flop onto the bed and stare at the lovely white ceiling. I like this bland white room because it reminds me that everything isn't always so damn hectic, like orange.

Or today…

This day has been hell and I hope that I don't ever have to do it again. But, I guess, compared to a lot of the other horridly boring days I've had in my life, this one was rather eventful.

I still wouldn't do it again.

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