Don't think that I don't know you

Dancing behind your painted words

Like so many half-rotted leprechauns

Prancing in discord

You have no Irish fancy to your

Plastic-coated lips

And if you think that I was looking

Cover your so-sickening hips

Don't try to push me out, in there

To the coliseum you've constructed

I heard the fans cheering from back there

Your twisted grin was well instructed

I don't know you at all, you know

You're an enigma yeah, I'll never know

But that's alright, I wish you'd go away

Never to return, that'd be okay

It sickens me

It sickens me

To see you every day

And know that it's to stay

Until one of us has our way

And pushes the other back, away

I don't care about losing this preconceived battle

My heart lies in riding that ultimate saddle

But you have my horse and you have my sun

Like waiting for judgment, so sickening, hun

To think I've fallen now, in waste

What pity left would be misplaced

For all my needs are spent on taste-

A seasoning for my disgrace

So empty-legged in all-out race

Faster at your putrid pace

So good you make a stupid face

Before winning yeah, put me in my place

I've had enough of you, your bullshit

Enough to save for one explosion

Let's hope the blast leaves none remaining

Destroy this friendship, and all it's containing

No matter what, I know, disdaining,

You'll laugh it off as some kind of training

Back, you wench, to your ruined painting

I'll be the last to feel your tainting

For what it's worth, I'll be, in feigning

Just another unattractive staining