Hi! So, I love music. I am a flutist. A few of days ago I preformed a couple of pieces of music for a lot of people. I don't know if it just happens to me or if every musician has the same feeling when they perform. But the feeling is absolutely amazing. This story thing is just touching on how it feels. There are no words to describe how it really feels. Anyway, I hope you like it. R&R please! ^..^

The crowd applauds as I walk onto the stage. I set my book upon the stand and flick through the pages, searching for the piece of music I am supposed to play. I find it. The black lines and dots look dead on the page. It's hard to believe that something so dull could turn into something so beautiful. I raise my flute to my lips and begin to play.

The music fills my head and soul, everything goes black and the only sound is the notes play. The paper I read disappears and I feel like I am falling from light and reality into darkness and fantasy. Everything is black yet I am surrounded by more colours than you can imagine. I am wrapped in the loving arms of darkness and despair made real by the sweet sound of music. I know I should feel afraid, terrified that this is happening; but I do not. Darkness is my friend. He does not judge me. Only accepts me for who I am. He dances around me. Easing my fall. Making me float. I dance with him. He touches me, holds me, loves me. The feeling is bittersweet. It seems to go on for an eternity, one which I never want to end. But as my song dies, he is pulled away from me; and I from him. He reaches desperately for me, but light has hold of me and is pulling harder and harder, until the darkness fades and the music disappears. The audience is applauding me. They heard the music and I am sure they felt the darkness tugging at the edges of their minds. But they were not consumed as I was. They did not feel the bliss I felt. They did not feel as free as I did. But now he is gone. And all I can do is long for his touch, to feel his cold and comforting breath on my neck.

My performance is over. Sadness fills me to the point at which I am fighting back tears. But then I hear him, deep inside. His voice is comforting. He is caged, chained and bound. But he is there all the same. And that is the thought I must hold onto.