Another round

As the fight ensues

With bellchime still ringing

We close in, trepidatious...

I come to you, old feeling

Another bout has been arranged

As blows exchange and gums bleed wide

I chance a glance into your eyes

No punity, no change of nature

Marks those pupils, I would wager

No feeling quite like feeling right

When egos melt and thoughts collide

Two beings in a Milky Way

It seems it's always been this way

When pure movement meets a motion

What follows is a gnarly notion-

That we should be one entity

That we should feel, that we each see

An interaction long since predicted

A power-dance with none conflicted

It I could find a way to be

Like this with Earth, in harmony

What would stop and what would be?

Without a 'you', without a 'me'?

With love there is an open gate

Past the stands where your friends wave

It may be night, may be raining

Might at first seem somewhat draining

If we pursue, us and the Earth

We'll soon awake as if in birth

Then will come a soothing mirth

Just takes one step, one hope, at first