If you were to rent
A room with a spider
Would you seek her out
Would you try to fight her?

If caterpillars crawled with you in the hay
Would you squirm, like them, from cocoons to the day?

Flies, I don't mind,
Though I find them disgraceful
They land on all things
It is rude and distasteful...

Do you not think after a smacking or two
They'd respect your desire to be free of their poo?

No, they keep riding
Hanging on and eating
You hang on to me-
You're awaiting a beating

Plants are right there, to choose or ignore
They seem not to mind my presence anymore
We get along well, I guess it makes sense-
No I don't really know why, I just like the suspense

Trees do not bother but keep to themselves
Distributing energy, stocking Earth's shelves
And when you sit close with love in your touch
You'll find them appreciative, though still not saying much

What about man, is he friend or foe?
Each one, it depends, you really never know
They are like the stars, fitting in a design
I wonder and lust- will one out there be mine?