Amidst in the journey of my life
While I was walking alone ..
Watching some curious faces
Observing some unknown soul
Came a thought in my mind
Reminding me
Of all my sacrifices...
I had no place to yell…
And no one to tell…
The fear of my mind…
The story of all those..
Quite lives…
I quizzed myself..
I asked my love…
Was that all right..
To be the part of soul curry
Every midnight..?
I wondered
Did I deserve to be here…
Or circumstances put me there….?
Else I was too dumb
For the sake of someone…
Who had every one
Except me..
All so near..
To take care..
I always knew
I was no one for her…
But yet..
Oh...My silent sacrifice!
Please help me out of here..
Is another sacrifice
worth of my existence…?
Or shall I be the man
Of Substance..
To help her out
From such a long distance..
I wish to be taken care of..
But will it be
Confession of love
Or suppression of words…
Which will make all the difference…
Can I summon the answer…
From one of my dearest friend…